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Give unused equipment to those who really need it. The ZdolniZdalni campaign is underway

Schools have all the necessary software to successfully deliver distance learning . There is only one snag - not every student has the equipment on which he could use this software.

To change this state of affairs, the Play operator together with the Rotary and Rotaract associations initiated the "ZdolniZdalni" campaign. Its goal is to help the most needy in acquiring the equipment necessary to effectively use the benefits of e-learning.

Other entities quickly joined the action initiated by Play, Rotary and Rotaract. Among the donors were even smartphone manufacturers, Oppo, HTC and Xiaomi. The biggest force of the action, however, is the community of ordinary people who managed to gather on a dedicated group on Facebook: " ZdolniZdalni - collection of equipment for remote learning ". At the time of writing, the group brings together over 2,000 people willing to pass on or looking for equipment useful in e-learning.

The "ZdolniZdalni" action is another pro-educational activity of the Play network. The telecommunications leader in the country ensures that even in such unfavorable conditions, students can be contacted easily with teachers and peers.

Skillful - how can you help?

Anyone can join the "ZdolniZdalni" campaign. You can donate any electronic equipment that is useful when learning at home. You need computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, smartphones, but also small accessories - mice, keyboards, headphones, webcams, etc.

Only fully functional equipment is collected. No mechanical damage or missing parts of the set. The returned equipment should not be older than 7 years to avoid any possible software compatibility problems.

Before handing over, it is worth preparing the equipment properly. First of all, it is good to clean it, both physically, from any dirt, and digitally, from all data that may have remained on it. Due to the epidemic threat , it should also be disinfected before handing over the equipment.

Detailed information on the transfer of equipment can be found on the Facebook action group .

At present, over 200 devices have been transferred as part of the ZdolniZdalni action.

The initiator of Play donated dozens of laptops that will be sent to ZHR and students of the school in Swarzędz.

It is still a drop in the ocean of needs. Equipment needs much, much more.

Only compulsory remote teaching showed us the true scale of digital exclusion in Polish schools and homes.

In Warsaw alone there are at least 600 children with whom there has been no contact since the introduction of distance lessons. At the moment, the Ministry of National Education is not able to estimate the demand in other parts of the country.

It is not uncommon for a situation where, although the equipment is at home, a young student cannot use it freely. For example, when a parent works remotely and there is only one computer in the house that everyone must share. Or when several siblings are to attend classes at the same time and do not have their own devices that they can use individually.

The "ZdolniZdalni" campaign is an opportunity to equalize the chances of those students who, due to digital exclusion, have been put in a lost position. And also an opportunity to give new life to electronic equipment that we no longer use.

Detailed information about the campaign can be found on the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZdolniZdalni/ .

The editors of Spider's Web also joined the campaign.

Some time ago we received 100 keyboards half-seriously, so that we would just stop WRITING CAPS LOCK on our Facebook profile. The keyboards will be handed over to those in need as part of the ZdolniZdalni action.

PS Ale caps lock and so we will write;)

* The material was created in cooperation with Play

Give unused equipment to those who really need it. The ZdolniZdalni campaign is underway

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