Games for Xbox One may not restrict games for the Xbox X Series

For the first two years since the launch of Xbox Series X, all games by Xbox Game Studios are also expected to appear for Xbox One . This raised concerns that exclusive games for the new Xbox will not be overly impressive - after all, they must work on the older console. The reality is to look a bit different.

Sony and Microsoft have a different strategy in creating games for the next generation of consoles. The creators of PlayStation dedicate all the efforts of their development studios to the new console, basically abandoning PlayStation 4 - for which from now mainly multiplatform games will appear. Sony makes it clear that the exclusive games for PlayStation 5 will immediately use a significant part of the computing power of the new console.

Microsoft decided otherwise. He pledged that all Xbox Game Studios will appear for two years on Xbox One. It is very nice for tens of millions of their owners who do not want to spend money on new equipment for now. However, this also makes the motivation to buy an Xbox Series X somewhat less.

If the same game is to work on both generations of Xbox, it can not be more complex than the performance of the older allows it. That would mean that Xbox Game Studios games on the Xbox Series X would look much nicer and run smoother, but that's pretty much it. The user would have little benefit from the super-fast mass storage of the new console or its modern central processor - the game design would have to take into account the much slower mass storage and the much weaker processor of the Xbox One consoles.

Except, as it turns out, he would not have to. Engineers working on the mechanism of backward compatibility of Xbox explain how it should actually work.

They revealed this somewhat spontaneously by engaging in a Twitter discussion - which the reddit community nicely brought together. They pointed out that the Xbox Series X will have games from the beginning designed with new equipment in mind - from external studios and publications. However, they added, which is particularly interesting, that games also from Xbox Game Studios may contain elements in their mechanics impossible to achieve on Xbox One. - It's mainly marketing and distraction - one of them is boldly commenting on Sony's strategy.

They say that game developers - whether Microsoft or external - have long learned to scale games so that they can use more computing resources when they are at hand. As an example, they indicate PC versions of multiplatform games, providing players with the additional benefits of having a modern CPU by most of them. Xbox development tools, they argue, have long included facilities to create unique experiences on a PC, and now also include tools to take advantage of the unique features of the Xbox X Series.

At the same time, they clearly indicate that this is not just about such things as unlocking graphics rendering by means of ray tracing on the newer Xbox and disabling this method on the older one. - We can have unique experiences in one element of the game, and another can remain the same - as we read. Let's just hope that this does not mean low-quality games for Xbox One. At the turn of previous generations of consoles, some cross-gene games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 did not work well.

So what does this mean for Xbox exclusive games?

Let's summarize in points:

  • All Xbox Game Studios games will be developed for the next 2.5 years on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. The game bought on one console will work on the other without any additional payments, technical improvements related to new equipment will be free - Microsoft calls this bundled sale Smart Delivery.
  • Games from other publishers can be created for both platforms and only one of them. If the game is created for both, Microsoft recommends - although not required - to always use Smart Delivery.
  • Games under Smart Delivery may differ technically, the creator has the option of introducing elements of game mechanics impossible to achieve on an older device. Although probably, as you can imagine, this will not happen often - at least in multiplayer modes, where everyone will want to play together, and the division into console generations may prevent this.

Games for Xbox One may not restrict games for the Xbox X Series


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