Camera in the Galaxy S20 Ultra by two photographers

Two photographers, four challenges, one smartphone. After more than a month of shooting Galaxy S20 Ultra came the time of recapitulation.

Over the past few weeks, we've competed with Marcin Połowianiuk in four photographic duels. Each time we took a different type of photography to the workshop and took photos with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone:

  • Culinary photography with the Galaxy S20 Ultra lens. The results of the first week of the duel
  • Easter photography in the lens of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The results of the second week of the duel
  • Night mode on the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera - photo duel results
  • #Ultrawidechallenge with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone - the results of a photographic duel

You decided about the results of each duel by voting for your favorite photo on our Instagram profile. Ultimately, the duel ended in ... a draw. You liked Marcin's photography more in the duel for culinary and night photography. You liked my photos more in the Easter and #ultrawidechallenge duel.

What lessons have Marcin and Marcin learned from this challenge?

Łukasz Kotkowski: Galaxy S20 Ultra is undoubtedly one of the most universal photo-smartphones on the market.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g review

I am full of admiration for Samsung's engineering craftsmanship and the work that people smarter than me had to put in to make the Galaxy S20 Ultra such a universally good camera.

There is no aspect in which the cameras of this device would fall objectively poorly. In every application, it works at least very well, and the results can be quite outstanding. Personally, I most appreciated it not so much in the photo duel as during everyday walks.

In a private smartphone, I am limited to two perspectives. I had many more in the Galaxy S20 Ultra; from ultra wide-angle lens, through standard, up to several variants of zoom. Thanks to that I could look differently at the area that I pass every day and see more interesting frames in it.

And if I were to pick a favorite photo from this challenge, it would be a photograph from a duel of landscape shots. From the frame, which I initially intended to remove, I managed to draw a really interesting image with proper processing.

Marcin Połowianiuk:

At the beginning of the year, my friends asked me about choosing a camera. They planned a trip to South America and wanted to bring nice photos and videos. Friends have a photographic jam so they wouldn't be content with just a few snaps. It was a largely backpacker trip, with trekking and climbing in the background.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra

I remember our conversation because for the first time in such a situation I recommended someone not a light photo camera, but a smartphone. "If you have a budget of about 3,000 on the camera, it will be better if you throw it to replace your smartphone with a better model, "I told friends.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra night mode

There was no Galaxy S20 Ultra at that time. Today, when this device can be easily bought in stores, I would recommend this smartphone in this situation. I have been writing for years that the appearance of three lenses on a smartphone is the biggest revolution since the creation of mobile photography. The Galaxy S20 Ultra goes even further because it extends the available range of viewing angles with a very useful digital zoom.

The duel of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is above all versatility. Such a smartphone covers all photographic needs of most people offering an ultra-wide angle of view, a very good standard lens and a unique telephoto lens on the market. Galaxy S20 Ultra will provide great photos not only taken during the day, but also at night or in dark interiors.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra never let me down during our duel. Each of our ideas has been successfully implemented. The limit was not a smartphone, but at most the creativity of the person behind the device.

* The material was created in cooperation with Samsung.

Camera in the Galaxy S20 Ultra by two photographers


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