At LINK4, you ll insure your child against COVID-19

LINK4 introduces COVID-19 insurance to the Child package. In this way, the insurer wants to support parents who are afraid of coronavirus infection in their children.

The addition of COVID-19 to the scope of serious illness insurance is LINK4's response to the coronavirus pandemic prevailing in Poland. Parents whose children will be infected will receive a one-off benefit of 5,000 PLN and an additional PLN 100 for each day spent by the child in the hospital. The current benefits remain unchanged, i.e. in case of developing sepsis, invasive pneumococcal disease, as well as concussion.

- When we created the product line LINK4 Mama and LINK4 Child two years ago, we wanted to fully meet the needs of future and current parents. Today, we live in a different reality that raises concern above all for our and our loved ones' health. We want to respond to these new fears, which is why we decided to expand our insurance coverage to include COVID-19. We want to tell mothers that they are not alone and that they can count on us - explains Patrycja Kotecka, a member of the LINK4 board.

The LINK4 Child package is a product line that anyone can customize to their needs. Includes accident insurance with a sum insured up to 100,000 PLN, as well as Assistance Zdrowie and Quick Help insurance, consisting in the organization and provision of assistance in insurance events. In the event of an accident, the company pays benefits based on medical documents, without having to wait for treatment to finish.

- Our insured person does not have to be permanently injured. We rely on the damage table, which describes both the diagnosis and the effect of the accident, thanks to which we can more effectively respond to the occurrence of damage - emphasizes Agata Ambroziak-Rogulska, director of the Product Department at LINK4.  

The LINK4 package The child is also very popular as an alternative to school accident insurance. It provides protection for the child in the event of an accident not only while studying at school, but also during extracurricular activities and while playing sports. It also covers the cost of medicines related to treating a disease caused by an insect or tick bite.

LINK4 also has an offer for parents. In the LINK4 Mama package, not only accident insurance, but also civil liability insurance in private life is available, which covers damage caused to third parties by both mother and children. When choosing one or both of these products, it is possible to supplement the insurance with a medical package for mother, under which LINK4 will organize and cover half the cost of visits to doctors of various specialties, legal assistance and the Fast Assistance Assistance Package with 24/7 unlimited concierge.

The purchasing process is supported by an intuitive calculator on the website, where each customer can independently calculate the cost of the policy, modulating the offer according to their needs. The calculator contains an accessible description of all products available in the offer.

* The material was created in cooperation with the LINK4 brand.

At LINK4, you'll insure your child against COVID-19


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