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A huge wind turbine will allow to acquire as much as 15 MW

From the very look at the new wind turbine of the Spanish manufacturer will be able to get dizzy. Siemens Gamesa presented a model that can acquire power up to 15 MW. Its large blades are 108 meters long and the rotor diameter reaches 222 meters.

Until now, the largest turbine owned by General Electrics has been able to reach 12 MW. SG 14-22 DD, because such a graceful name is given to a new product , can improve this result - by 2 MW in normal mode or by 3 MW in Power Boost mode. According to its creators, a 262-meter structure covering a work range of 39,000 meters will protrude from the water surface. square meters, or about 5.5 football fields. The bosses of Siemens Gamesa boast that in this case size goes hand in hand with quality. As calculated by the manufacturer, thanks to it you can provide electricity in 18 thousand. average European homes.

This is to be a breakthrough not only on a European scale, but also on a global scale.

Poland has long been to invest in wind energy .

Europe is increasingly using wind energy. Recently, our western neighbors, Germans, who want to give up coal energy by 2038 have loosened their regulations regarding the location of turbines. The German government's plan is to increase the share of green energy by 2030 from 40 percent. up to 65 percent However, not all environmentalists agree that building windmills in European seas is the best solution to the problem of obtaining energy. Some of them draw attention to the fact that the construction of giant wind farms in the seas threatens the local nature, in particular birds.

In Poland, plans for the liberalization of laws regarding the construction of wind turbines have been talked for a long time, but so far little has been shown. Earlier this year, Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz announced that by the end of June there would even be an act loosening the rules for creating wind farms in our country to a large extent.

The SG 14-22 DD prototypes will first appear in Denmark in the third quarter of 2021, commercial copies will not be available until 2024.

The huge wind turbine will allow to acquire as much as 15 MW

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