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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: focus problems finally solved!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: focus problems finally solved! That's the good news, so Samsung has finally got the problems under control! The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 108 MP sensor offers amazing zoom functions. However, it also has a physical limitation - the lens has a longer focal length. This means that the phone has poor focusability at close range compared to other smartphone cameras. Good news is coming, after already suspecting that there will be no solution to the problem. Samsung has now at last a solution to this problem found - 1.5 times zoom in "close-range zoom" mode. This feature is now being introduced on the model. Every time the user is too close to the object and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra detects that it cannot focus properly, a button called "close-up zoom" is displayed. This allows you to set the zoom level to 1.5 times. This allows you to take close-up pictures without holding the phone very close to the subject. This function is not

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: My Unboxing [Video]

Here is my little unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for you. I got the device from the manufacturer for testing. The unboxing video is the classic start for you. I was given the model in the color mirror black to test. There is also only the equipment with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory. Here I want to give you the first impression after unpacking the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Surprisingly looks really good. And above all more stable than I thought. Because the foldable devices are still in their infancy. So if you are thinking of buying a foldable smartphone, the video may be interesting. But make your own impression of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: The post Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: My Unboxing [Video] first appeared on Xiaomist .

Huawei MatePad Pro review

After the successful MediaPad's, Huawei is now also attacking the sector of high-performance professional tablets. With an attractive price and a great bundle offer for the launch, the combination of MatePad Pro, Stylus and Smart Magnetic Keyboard could be a productive notebook alternative for many. In addition to the Huawei MatePad Pro in Midnight Gray, the matching Huawei M-Pencil and the Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard were also available for the test. This means that the 10.8 ″ tablet can be converted into a fully-fledged and very productive work tool in just a few simple steps. And that works surprisingly well. Huawei MatePad Pro (Source: Schmidtis Blog) The in-house EMUI 10.1 interface builds on the current Android 10 and offers numerous improvements and adjustments. So you can put the typical Android surface in a desktop mode. It is reminiscent of Windows or Linux and lets you work with up to eight apps open at the same time, which run without the loss of performance.

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 already has a presentation date: this is all we know

After countless rumors and endless leaked features , the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 already has a presentation date . Without going any further, exactly one year after the introduction of the previous generation, the new Xiaomi smart bracelet will be announced in June. This has been confirmed by Xiaomi through its social networks, adding the advertising poster that we can see under these lines. In it, as can be seen, it refers to the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and June 11 as the official presentation date where we will know all its news. Undoubtedly, a long-awaited news, which will bring us in just a few weeks the new generation of what is probably the most famous smart bracelet in the world . A new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that a priori will not change greatly in design but in functionalities. Advertising poster and presentation date of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. What we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features and price If we take into account the latest leaks carried out by XDA-Developers, the X

Samsung is planning a display revolution for smartphones

Samsung is planning a display revolution for smartphones. Samsung Display is developing a new 4K OLED display with 800 ppi pixel density that should make everything better. OLED displays have stopped at QHD + resolution. There is exactly one exception: Sony uses the Xperia 1 II on a display, which almost reaches UHD resolution. However, the strange format of 21: 9 limited the number horizontally to 1,644 pixels, so you only get 640 ppi pixel density there. ZDNet Korea is now reporting that real 4K OLED displays are not long in coming. Displays with 800 ppi can soon be expected from Samsung Display. The production of these high-resolution panels is not easy, but an improvement in the manufacturing method using "Fine Metal Masks" (FMM) led to a breakthrough. The organic material is applied to a metal plate that is thinner than paper. Unfortunately, the report does not mention when exactly the first 4K OLED display with 800 ppi pixel density can be expected. The contribu

Apple paid 100 thousand dollars. for finding a vulnerability in the Sign in with Apple service

Log in with Apple is a new login method that was meant to protect our privacy. Apple has just paid 100,000 dollars. to the developer who found a hole in it. Apple in iOS 13 introduced a new method of user authorization in mobile applications. From now on, instead of providing software developers with your data or logging in with services such as Facebook or Google, you can use the Log In with Apple service and protect your privacy . Although some doubt is raised by the fact that Apple used a stick, not a carrot , to encourage developers, but the new solution boasted even Tim Cook's biggest competitor . Thanks to it, service providers will never know the user's email address, which makes it easier to defend against spam. Unfortunately, it turned out that an error appeared in the Log in with Apple service, which could result in the loss of access to data. The matter was described by the author of the blog . He explained that it was enough t

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 leaked features

A recent report revealed some interesting features that Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 will come with in the future. This famous smart wearable is the latest entry in the Mi Band series and was co-created by Huaomi and Xiaomi. Launch 5 is expected to take place in the coming days. However, some of its features and images have been released. Looking at the images that have appeared online, you can see that some practical features have been added to the Mi Band 5 along with activity tracking. The wearable reportedly supports camera control, possibly in the form of photos and videos and more. It also depicts leaked images, various activity tracking modes such as running, cycling, jumping, swimming, and more. In addition, it supports some new modes such as yoga and cycling indoors. In other words, a total of 11 different activity tracking modes will be available. The news also shows new watch screens on the strap's 1.2-inch screen (an increase of 0.095 inches over the latest generation).

Xiaomi adds a small screenshot feature to MIUI 12

The MIUI 12 interface was first launched by Xiaomi in late April, followed by a special global launch last week. Most eligible devices in China receive a beta version within a month. With the release of each new version, the company seems to be fixing bugs and even adding new features such as new screenshot performance. The MIUI interface was one of the first to introduce three-finger screenshots, and now it wants to get a partial screenshot feature. It should be noted that Oppo used this feature a few months ago in ColorOS 7 / Realme UI. Partial screenshots in MIUI 12 have been added to the May 25 version (20.5. 25). From the path, Settings -> Additional Settings -> Button Shortcuts -> Partial Screenshot can be enabled. After activating, users must swipe and hold three fingers on the screen to activate partial screenshot coverage. Above, users get three options: free, square, and circle to take pictures. While at the bottom of the page, there are options to start, share

8 million ported numbers and 456 approvals for 5G tests in Poland. UKE summarizes recent years

The Office of Electronic Communications summarizes the last years of its activity. The number of numbers transferred by Poles and the approvals issued for 5G tests in Poland is impressive. Unexpectedly, the President of UKE was forced to leave his position . On this occasion, the unit he managed prepared a document entitled Summary of the Strategy of the President of UKE 2017-2021, which summarizes the last years of activity and plans to date. UKE and consumer rights protection The first chapter is devoted to a summary of actions taken to defend consumers in an unequal fight with operators and other behemoths. Implementation of the roam like at home principle is mentioned as one of the successes, thanks to which we can finally use phones while traveling abroad in the European Union without much stress. In addition, the Office of Electronic Communications has prepared a tool for measuring internet speed at various suppliers in Poland called Pro Speed ​​Test . It

Tesla drastically cuts Model Y delivery time - what s going on?

Tesla has accelerated its Model Y delivery schedule, and it's not clear why. Could the automaker have accelerated production, or has demand decreased, or both? After Tesla resumed production at the Fremont plant earlier this month after the lockdown, Tesla updated delivery times for Model Y and Model 3. For model 3, the automaker changed the delivery time frame for new orders from 4-8 weeks to 5-7 weeks. There was no schedule for Model Y before decommissioning because Tesla had just started delivering previously reserved vehicles. A delivery time of 8-12 weeks has now been set for new orders after Tesla resumed production earlier this month. Now, just two weeks later, Tesla has dramatically reduced the timeframe for Model Y delivery for new orders in the United States to just 4 to 8 weeks. This is a significant reduction in delivery times for the brand new model, for which Tesla has accumulated reservations for over a year. Tesla had used the plant closure to modernize its

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is coming on June 11th

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date is here! The new fitness tracker will be launched on June 11th. The release had already been hinted at in the past few days. The exact release date of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has now been announced on the official Xiaomi Mall WeChat account. In a few days we will be presented with the new edition. The manufacturer will present the new tape in a video live stream. And there are also a lot of the specifications that were announced again in a tweet. So on June 11th we can launch the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with a 1.2 ″ display, NFC, SpO2 (oxygen content measurement), photo recording, 5 new sport modes (yoga, cross trainer, rowing machine, skipping rope & bicycle trainer (exercise bike), phone unlocking, Expect Amazon's Alexa and a night mode. A price is not yet known, not even when the new tape will start in Germany. Xiaomi MI Volume 5 Confirm To Come On June 11 ✔️1.2 "display ✔️Plug-in design ✔️NFC ✔️SpO2 (Blood oxygen saturation) ✔️Phot

Realme Buds Q Wireless Earbuds is all set to launch in India

An event hosted by the Realme company where Realme has finally launched its next-generation Buds Q earbuds in China, Whereas now the earbuds are announced in India, the realme Buds Q is soon coming to start. Francis Wang, the CMO of Realme, has shared a tweet that confirms the launch of Buds Q in the … The post Realme Buds Q Wireless Earbuds is all set to launch in India appeared first on XiaomiToday .

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 already has a delivery date: this is all we know

After countless rumors and endless leaked features , the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 already has a presentation date . Without going any further, exactly one year after the introduction of the previous generation, the new Xiaomi smart bracelet will be announced in June. This has been confirmed by Xiaomi through its social networks, adding the advertising poster that we can see under these lines. In it, as can be seen, it refers to the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and June 11 as the official presentation date where we will know all its news. Undoubtedly, a long-awaited news, which will bring us in just a few weeks the new generation of what is probably the most famous smart bracelet in the world . A new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that a priori will not change greatly in design but in functionalities. Advertising poster and presentation date of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. What we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features and price If we take into account the latest leaks carried out by XDA-Developers, the X

Redmi Note 8 vs Redmi Note 9, is it worth the change?

The new Redmi Note 9 is already a reality in Europe and specifically in Spain. A new bet by Xiaomi for the mid-range, where the change in design and the change in strategy prevail, saying goodbye to Qualcomm in order to welcome MediaTek processors. And, the new Redmi Note 9 has changed a lot. Its design becomes much more modern , leaving aside the classic notch in the form of a drop of water. In addition, unlike its previous generation, inside we find a MediaTek Helio G85 . Without a doubt, a quite important change if we compare the Redmi Note 8 or Note 8T with this new generation. In view of this, we will review all the features that have been renewed between these two mid-range smartphones. Design and construction Redmi Note 9. Even with a larger screen, the Redmi Note 9 only grows a few millimeters , both in length and width. On the other hand, the thickness remains almost with the same dimensions and the weight is slightly increased by 9 grams compared to the previous

Up, up and away! Crew Dragon with the crew took off on a journey to a space station

On May 30 at 21:22 Polish time from Cape Canaveral, the Falcon 9 rocket launched, on top of which was the Crew Dragon ship, in which astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were. This is the beginning of something new. First things first. The first approach to the manned start of Crew Dragon took place on Wednesday , but adverse weather conditions meant that a dozen or so minutes before the start was decided to postpone the mission . Although the weather forecasts for Saturday showed only a 50% chance of favorable weather conditions, it did succeed this time. If you have slept and not switched on any TV station in the last hours, below you can see what the start looked like. The beginning of the era of commercialization of space Contrary to appearances, the start of Dragon Crew, although it was a very important event, was not a breakthrough. Before scrolling to the comments section to scold me for this statement, let me explain what I mean. Yes, we were dealing

Windows 10 2005 is now available for download. Changes the most important element of the Xbox One interface

A few days after the release of Windows 10 2004 for PC, tablets, holographic goggles and Internet of Things devices, Windows 10 2005 appears. This update is exclusively for Xbox One consoles. It significantly changes the Guide's operation. In my opinion, the Guide is the only thing that Microsoft came up with in the Xbox One interface. But it came out really well: the handy menu called by the Xbox button on the gamepad works quickly, responsively, is well designed, comfortable and useful. Nice contrast to the slow and demanding action on the pad of the main console interface. That is why I started updating Xbox One to the new version of the system with a slight fear. After all, the biggest change in Windows 10 2005 is the Guide. Microsoft decided to change the way it works a bit, but also introduce the ability to configure it for individual needs. Fortunately, it turned out quite well, against my fears. Windows 10 2005 for Xbox One . News in the Guide. Th

Games for Xbox One may not restrict games for the Xbox X Series

For the first two years since the launch of Xbox Series X, all games by Xbox Game Studios are also expected to appear for Xbox One . This raised concerns that exclusive games for the new Xbox will not be overly impressive - after all, they must work on the older console. The reality is to look a bit different. Sony and Microsoft have a different strategy in creating games for the next generation of consoles. The creators of PlayStation dedicate all the efforts of their development studios to the new console, basically abandoning PlayStation 4 - for which from now mainly multiplatform games will appear. Sony makes it clear that the exclusive games for PlayStation 5 will immediately use a significant part of the computing power of the new console. Microsoft decided otherwise. He pledged that all Xbox Game Studios will appear for two years on Xbox One. It is very nice for tens of millions of their owners who do not want to spend money on new equipment for now. Howev

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G in Europe significantly more expensive than expected

The Samsung Galaxy A51 5G will be significantly more expensive than expected in Europe. The surcharge for the LTE model variant is enormous at EUR 100.00. 5G is not cheap. Nevertheless, more and more manufacturers are trying to bring cheap 5G smartphones onto the market. Huawei with the P40 Lite 5G and Xiaomi are pioneers, here you can get a 5G smartphone for less than EUR 400.00. The Samsung Galaxy A51 as an LTE model was Samsung's most successful smartphone model in the first quarter of 2020 . And now the device is also available as a 5G model variant. While the A51 is now just under EUR 100.00 below the RRP, the RRP of the 5G model is EUR 100.00 above that of the LTE model. In the end it makes a difference of EUR 200.00. Because while the LTE model is already available from Amazon for EUR 268.00, the 5G model should cost EUR 480.00 . Because in the U.S. it is available for $ 500. But will the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G be a success? Probably not, the price is far too high

Huawei P Smart Z Firmware Update [STK-LX1 10.0.189 (C431E8R1P2)]

There is a new firmware update for the Huawei P Smart Z. This has the designation STK-LX1 10.0.189 (C431E8R1P2) and among other things the April 2020 patch. The Huawei P Smart Z now also receives the April 2020 patch. But that's not all, there are other improvements with the update. The update is an impressive 562 MB. The download should take place in the wifi, is simply more stable. And don't forget to back up your personal data! STK-LX1 10.0.189 (C431E8R1P2) changelog [List of changes] This update improves system security using Android security patches. [HUAWEI Assistant] Adds the HUAWEI Assistant app to the start screen, which provides you with intelligent reminders, personalized news and other content that is relevant to you. [Camera] Changes the default status of certain camera settings. [Safety] Integrated Android security patches released in April 2020 for improved system security. Further information on the security of HUAWEI's EMUI system updates

Huawei P Smart + Firmware Update [INE-LX1 (C432E2R1P1)]

There is a new security patch for the Huawei P Smart +. The update INE-LX1 (C432E2R1P1) has the latest May 2020 patch in its luggage. The Huawei P Smart + is brought up to date again. The May 2020 security patch is now available for download for the model in Germany. The update is only 120 MB, the download in the wifi is not absolutely necessary, but you should do it anyway. Is more stable and already your data volume. You should also back up your personal data by backup, you never know. The changelog only mentioned the new security patch as a change, otherwise everything stays the same. So here Android 9 Pie and the user interface EMUI 9.1. INE-LX1 (C432E2R1P1) changelog [List of changes] This update improves system security using Google security patches. [Safety] Integrates Google security patches released in May 2020 for improved system security. For more information on the security of Huawei's EMUI system updates, visit the official Huawei websit

Huawei Mate 30 Pro: you can no longer get it cheaper 🔥

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro has been available in Germany since December 2019 , back then it started for EUR 1,099.00. Now the flagship is on offer, and it probably won't get any cheaper. However, the device, which is certainly one of the best Android smartphones, has a cell phone cap: Google Apps and services are missing. And that makes sales here in Germany extremely difficult. Of course you can help with a few tricks and install everything, but you should only make it to experienced users and it is not really comfortable because you have to give an unknown app all the permissions. But back to the offer. Huawei itself now sells the Mate 30 Pro in its own online shop for only EUR 599.99. So for just under half of the original price. And if you miss the missing Google services, you get one of the top smartphones that you can currently buy. To the Huawei Mate 30 Pro for EUR 599.99 The post Huawei Mate 30 Pro: You can't get it cheaper anymore 🔥 first appeared on Xiaomist .

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 120 Hz vs. 60 Hz in battery comparison

120 Hz display is hot shit ... in 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has such a display installed, but you can only enjoy the high image repetition with FullHD +. But how much does the twice as high refresh rate affect the smartphone's battery as the normal 60 Hz? Phonebuff tried it out on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. For this purpose, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was sent twice through the exact test course, once with 60 Hz and then once with 120 Hz. And in the end it comes to the result, which is a little surprising. But first the video, have fun watching it. Then you will be presented with the result of the comparison. It is clear to everyone that the display sucks more at the battery with a 120 Hz rate. With the screen-on-time you get 10:24 hours at 60 Hz and 9:35 hours at 120 Hz. At the end of the test, the difference is 14 percent that the device still has a battery at 60 Hz while the 120 Hz device turns off. In the end, it means that under full load at 120 Hz you h

Escobar s third scam. This time they are trying to push us a post-service iPhone

Do you remember Escobar Fold and Escobar Fold 2 ? The brother of the famous drug baron tried to pull the world onto supernaturally supertanie flexible phones. The third device sold is even cheaper. Maybe this time it will go to customers. The figure of Pablo Escobar probably knows most of us. If not from modern history lessons, maybe because of the great Narcos series. Mr. Escobar is a true legend among thugs, he is considered the most powerful and richest drug baron in the history of the industry. The brother of the shot bandit and his accountant are a bit less smart. A little over a year ago, Roberto Escobar introduced his company to the world - ot, Escobar - and her first phone called Fold 1 . A gold-plated smartphone with a flexible display, promoted in the company of half-naked women, attracted attention not only with possibilities, but also with price. It was sold for $ 350, while its direct competition offered similar products for $ 1,500. dollars. Where

Someone on Allegro sells a 5G protector for PLN 3,700. Tubes and some pebbles

Yesterday we described the scam , which cost almost 1.5 thousand. PLN pendrive supposed to protect us against harmful 5G waves. However, as it turns out, there are many more preying on naivety. In spite of science and common sense, there is still a relatively small cult in the world and in Poland who see the worst in the 5G network. They are mostly the same people who earlier protested against the universal cellular network, then the universal 3G network and finally LTE. No cases of illnesses caused by the harmful effects of subsequent generations of cellular networks or cases of thought control do not bother skeptics - who probably probably just want to unite under some common banner anyway. No matter how nonsensical. Unfortunately, some poor and naive people sincerely believe in the harmfulness of all radiation or radio waves of any frequency - and are terribly seeking help to protect themselves and their loved ones from the destruction of humanity Bill Gates

CANAL + is not only exclusive movies and series. The applications themselves make me want to use this VOD

On VOD services, first and foremost, movies and series are exclusive and the library is rich, but this is only one side of the coin. Content must go hand in hand with form, and CANAL + realizes. Many VOD services have been operating on the Polish market for years, and another player has just appeared on it. Fortunately, despite the fears, television via the Internet from CANAL + does not multiply entities by needs, and in several respects it is a unique service . I liked it from the very beginning because of the offer, because when it comes to the library, there is really nothing to complain about . Not a week has passed since the debut, and I've seen in CANAL + several episodes of TV series (Żmijowisko, Z X Archives, Stargirl) and movies (Fast and the Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, God's Body, Secret Life of Pets 2) to which I had no previously access online . However, video on demand services stand on two pillars, and content is just one of them. Fortunate