Zoom promises that it will finally start zoombombing. The first patch tomorrow

Zoom in the age of coronavirus pandemic is experiencing real. Unfortunately, this revealed the security problems of this platform, but its creators decided to improve.

Zoom is a modern tool for organizing teleconferences over the internet, which has recently gained immense popularity . It is used both in the education sector and in companies. It is used by teachers and students in remote learning and employees who now have to collaborate remotely because of the coronavirus, and the number of users increased from 10 million to 200 million per day from December to March.

Due to this huge popularity, problems affecting Zoom client applications have come to light.

The media is rightly publicizing the fact that the developers of this software do not properly approach the issue of data security of their users. For this, startup creators use reprehensible practices when, for example, installing applications on macOS. As if that wasn't enough, the so-called zoombombing.

Due to the poorly thought out system of invitations to participate in teleconferences - it was based on links that you can generate yourself - it became possible to join people who should not be able to do so. Trolls all over the world now use - they exchange to pass the time invitations to such private virtual meetings.

Even the Polish company CCC has fallen victim to zoom bombing .

Unauthorized persons not only listened to how the company's president wants to fight the ongoing crisis (" not a penknife but an ax "), but in addition they could share their own materials with meeting participants by sharing the screen . For this reason, CCC's video call suddenly swarmed with pornography and other illegal content. Unfortunately, the scale of this phenomenon is huge and Zoom wants to limit it.

Startup is aware that it is now on the candlestick and the company has already promised to solve problems related to its platform within the next 90 days. However, its users affected by zoombombing can't wait that long. Fortunately, Zoom throws them the first lifebuoy. A mechanism will appear from tomorrow that will reduce this phenomenon.

How does Zoom want to limit zoombombing?

For this purpose will be used feature access via a password and an additional so-called. waiting room. Earlier using it it was possible to limit the access of bystanders to conversations, but it was turned on by default and not everyone knew about it - it is hard to expect that those who were forced to work remotely overnight, anticipated such situations .

Fortunately, from now on the waiting room in Zoomb will be active by default in all virtual meetings. Thanks to this, people organizing meetings under this service will be able to better monitor who appears on the video call. Uninvited guests who somehow came into possession of the link to join an ongoing conversation will be able to beg - and even before they make a mess.

Zoom promises that it will finally start zoombombing. The first patch tomorrow


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