Zoom is not safe. This is what Google, SpaceX, the German and Taiwanese government say

Google has found the Zoom startup software unreliable, and this is just the tip of the iceberg's problems for this platform.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the children started remote learning, and many employees switched to the so-called home office. One of the tools that have recently gained a lot of new users is Zoom . It's a platform for conducting teleconferences over the internet.

Due to the rapidly growing popularity of Zoom is now in the heat of criticism. And rightly so - the startup deserved it. The company now has to deal with several different crises related to the security of user data, among which the phenomenon called zoombombing .

It happened that Google orders its employees to abandon Zoom .

Attaching trolls to the conference, which should take place behind closed virtual doors, which the Internet has dubbed zoombombing, is not the only problem the company is facing. It turns out that more organizations are turning their backs on it now. Among them is even Google.

People responsible for data security at the Mountain View company have informed employees that they can no longer use the Zoom platform to do business. This service is to be replaced by them with some other tool for conducting business video calls.

Google explained the reasons for his decision.

The culprit is the Zoom desktop desktop client that does not meet Google's security standards. Thus, employees of the company can use this tool only through a browser or on mobile devices, but only to contact their friends and family.

By the way, it's interesting that the people employed at Google used Zoom at all. The company has its own video conferencing tool. It's possible that now employees of the Mountain View company will start using Google Meet, which is being developed by them, i.e. messenger previously known as Hangout Meet.

Google is not the only company that has decided that it's time to say goodbye to Zoom.

If only Google thought that it was abandoning Zoom, one could suspect that it was only about promoting its own service. However, Zoom has already met with criticism for its practices related to the frivolous approach to user safety. Now he was just on the candlestick.

The list of entities that have recently abandoned Zoom included SpaceX, the Taiwanese government and New York schools. I won't be surprised if this tool is given up by the Polish company CCC, which has also recently fallen victim to Zoombombing , and porn appeared during its online conference.

Germany is also critical of the Zoom platform.

According to Reuters , in this case mainly mobile applications are criticized because of not quite good data encryption, but the government has not yet issued a consistent position on this matter. Services want to get rid of their employees' equipment for now individual ministries.

The platform, however, bit too much into the online reality among the partners of the German ministries that day-to-day abandonment would be real. Switzerland, on the other hand, mainly uses Skype, and in case of its failure recommends using Microsoft Teams, not Zoom.

Zoom beats his chest and decides to improve.

Although the company has been deaf for months to critics of security experts, now that the stench has come around it, it has promised to solve all problems in three months and included a mandatory waiting room . She also hired Aleks Stamos, a security specialist who worked on Facebook.

There was also a livestream yesterday, during which Eric Yuan apologized to users for neglect for two hours and beat his chest. He maintains, however , that the problems stem from the fact that ordinary users turned towards Zoom and that it was supposed to be a tool for companies.

This is obviously nonsense.

The platform's problems are not solely due to the fact that it suddenly appeared on people who want to use it as part of their free time. Zoombombing is a problem that has affected everyone, as well as the shady practices of the application during installation.

Security specialists even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic discovered that Zoom's software is very invasive and opens potential gaps in the computers on which it is installed. The fact that consumers now use the service has nothing to do with it.

Add to this the fact that Zoom sent keys encrypting calls from various regions of the world to China.

The company used the Chinese server even in situations where none of the interlocutors came from that country. This is a big problem, because it is no secret that the Government of the Middle Kingdom is monitoring internet traffic.

The question remains whether the problems detected are all Zoom sins or whether the company will surprise us again in the days to come. We will also see if it can regain the trust of users and partners.

For now, however, the company should be getting ready for further problems. Shareholders sued her for a fall in share prices related to security neglect, and the US government is now thinking of including similar tools in the new regulations.

Zoom is not safe. This is what Google, SpaceX, the German and Taiwanese government say


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