YouTube will copy TikToka

Sources say YouTube wants to challenge TikTok. The copier will be his weapon.

Until the end of the year, "Shorty" short films modeled on TikToku can appear on YouTube.

Who's afraid of TikToka?

Short answer: everyone.

TikTok has developed at an alarming rate and the biggest ones are more and more clearly feeling his hot breath on the back of his neck. Although the platform did not avoid accusations of, among others, limiting freedom of speech and controversy related to its moderation , it did not prevent her from conquering the world and Poland. Even the president's electoral staff knows how important this medium is, who recommended Andrzej Duda to record a funny video encouraging young people to stay at home and take part in the new government initiative.

TikTok has become a dizzying force that the greatest have to reckon with. Facebook spies his eyelids awake. Mark Zuckerberg tries on one hand to understand (and copy) the elements that are responsible for the phenomenon of the Chinese application, on the other he simply creates a copy of it and publishes it in markets that have not yet been occupied by TikTok.

However, there are many indications that Morpheus has problems solving not only Facebook CEO. According to messages from anonymous sources of The Information , YouTube is to work on a function similar to TikTokowa.

Summer is coming, so YouTube will invest in Shorty.

According to information obtained by journalists, YouTube is working on introducing in its mobile application a function that allows creating and promoting characteristic short videos. Recordings can be adorned with music from the powerful Youtube library.

It is difficult to judge whether this will help the platform. On the one hand, copying the function almost completely neutralized the threat that once was Snapchat, on the other hand the case may not be so simple.

Many people claim that the magic of the application is not the specific functions it offers, but the mere fact that it is not old Facebook mastered by their parents and teachers, or mature YouTube. TikTok charms kids and teenagers with a lack of luggage (especially in the form of parents) that the competition carries on their backs. This is not so easy to get rid of.

According to reports, this feature is expected to be available on YouTube by the end of this year.

YouTube will copy TikToka


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