Xiaomi shows us on video the interior of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 along with each of its components

After showing us the interior of the Mi 10 Pro , Xiaomi shows us this time and in great detail the incredible interior of the Mi 10 . A short but intense video, where hardware lovers can enjoy what each of its components looks like.

Without a doubt, the Xiaomi Mi 10 has become one of the most advanced mobile devices of the firm, not only improving its design and functionalities, but also incorporating the latest technological advances that we can find today in this sector.

In the video that we can see under these lines, Xiaomi shows us firstly the wide battery of its new flagship, a total of 4,780mAh , which unlike other batteries occupies practically the entire length of the terminal .

In addition, in this new Teardown we can see the main board of the Xiaomi Mi 10 where its Snapdragon 865 , its UFS 3.0 storage or its new RAM LPDDR5 memory capable of reaching transfer speeds much higher than that offered by the LPDDR4X RAM.

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Next, Xiaomi shows us the set of rear cameras, chaired in this case by a 108MP sensor that stands out for its large size in relation to the rest of photographic sensors. Likewise, the firm highlights its OIS optical stabilization that allows greater definition.

Of rest, this Teardown gives us the possibility of seeing how are its two stereo speakers positioned symmetrically, its wide heat dissipation plate called LiquidCool 2.0 or its various connection chips.

The Xiaomi entry shows us on video the interior of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 along with each of its components was first published on xiaomi: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi .


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