Xiaomi Mi A3 receives stable Android 10 update for the third time

All good things come in 3rd. One seems to think at Xiaomi. Because now the Xiaomi Mi A3 gets a stable Android 10 update for the third time . Hopefully now without problems.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is part of the Android One program, so you can expect fast operating system updates from it. However, Xiaomi had a few problems with the Android 10 update, which was withdrawn twice - first because of major bugs and then because of fingerprint sensor problems .

Xiaomi Mi A3 V11.0.11.0 QFQMIXM
Xiaomi Mi A3 V11.0.11.0 QFQMIXM (Source: Mi-Forum)

The package name for Update # 3 is V11.0.11.0 QFQMIXM and should now arrive on the Xiaomi Mi A3 devices via OTA (over-the-air). And then hopefully be the last update to Android 10.

The update is 1.33 GB, so if it should get to you, download in the WiFi would be appropriate. Could take a few more days though, because the update will also be distributed in waves.

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