Xbox One S received its first game in Quad HD. Works smoothly

xbox one s maximum resolution

It is true that this is not a modern AAA game, but so far even the simplest graphics productions have not reached a resolution higher than 1080p. No one has told the creators of the Doom 64 port that it can't be done.

According to the original assumptions, Xbox One never had to achieve a higher resolution than that achieved by Xbox 360. Both consoles in their original assumptions were to render the image with maximum Full HD accuracy. In the case of the older console it was forward-thinking, and the newer - myopia.

Over time, Microsoft has improved its console by launching two new versions: Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The first only changed the maximum resolution limit to 4K. In the second, the graphics layout was updated to provide computing power for 3D graphics in Ultra HD format. One S was supposed to support Ultra HD format only for multimedia, not in games.

The studio responsible for the Doom 64 game port decided to squeeze more out of the Xbox One S. The game works in 1440p.

Doom 64 is a special edition of the Doom game for the Nintendo 64 console. It stood out from other versions with a completely new scenario and set of levels, as well as a significantly improved game engine relative to the original. The game supported texture filtering, more extensive level geometry, and simple simulation of lighting effects. Graphic resources and music have also been created for her again.

This is a unique and forgotten production. Highly appreciated for its atmosphere, but it never officially appeared on any platform other than Nintendo 64. Only now, after more than two decades, we have finally got the official conversion to PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was to be a gift for pre-ordering brand new Doom Eternal . You can also buy it separately for PLN 21. And, as it turns out, the Xbox One S version is quite special.

- When testing the game on Xbox One S, we noticed that we charge only 20 percent. graphic layout. So we increased the resolution to 1440p, and still did not exceed 50 percent. load - says co-responsible for the conversion Edward Richardson in the great material above about Doom 64 from DigitalFoundry. On Xbox One X, the game works in full Ultra HD.

And what about the usual Xbox One, without eSki in the name? The first generation console has almost the same performance as the Xbox One S. The console, however, does not support frame buffer with a higher resolution than 1080p. When testing, Doom 64 worked equally well in high resolution when it was rendered in 1440p. However, at the end of the rendering process, each console converts it to 1080p, which made the game look worse. So it was decided to leave the 1080p resolution, leaving Quad HD (1440p) for the One S console.

Doom 64 is today the only game for the Xbox One S console running at a resolution of 1440p. Most other games - those much more modern - usually work at a resolution close to 900p.

Xbox One S received its first game in Quad HD. Works smoothly


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