Without notch and islands, but with a camera under the screen. This can be the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 can be completely different from previous smartphones. There is a chance that a new selfie cam hidden under the screen will debut in it.

From generation to generation, smartphone screens occupy an ever larger area of ​​the device front. Most manufacturers strive to minimize frames and hide the front camera. Most, but not all. Black sheep is Apple, which develops at its own - slow - pace and in the current generation of iPhones uses the look shown in 2017.

Samsung goes a completely different path. With each year, the frames of top smartphones are getting narrower. Even when jumping from Galaxy S10 to S20 you can see huge progress. The lower frame in the newer model is about twice thinner than last year, although in S10 it was not too large.

The last problem is the selfie camera. No producer will give it up.

samsung galaxy s20 ultra

Smartphone frames are already too narrow to place selfie cameras in them, so manufacturers are outdoing each other in putting ideas on the smartphone. We had notches, and currently the dominant trend in high-end devices are camera islands.

Theoretically, you could opt out of the front camera, but no manufacturer will decide. Why? The answer is clearly brought by today's world, in which people use video calls more often than ever. A front camera is necessary for them.

Samsung Galaxy S21 with a camera hidden under the screen?

Such information is provided by the well-known informant @IceUniverse . There is a dose of uncertainty here, however. The informer reports that Samsung is working on the technology of cameras placed under a semi-transparent screen and is considering its implementation in the Galaxy S21 model, which is the successor to the S20 model.

This information, although not certain, excludes another possibility. The camera under the screen will not debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which is the next premiere of the flagship series. Note 20 should debut in the fall.

Will we see new technology in less than a year that will set the direction of the industry for the coming years?

This question has not been answered yet. It remains to be hoped that Samsung's internal tests will be successful and the technology will be available for sale.

It is rather a matter of time. Samsung officially announced the work on such technology at one of its conferences. Earlier, there were leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Flip 2 , which may also have a camera under the screen.

The technology itself already exists. You can create OLED screens that are locally translucent, thanks to which they let light into the camera. However, engineers have to overcome some big problems. We know that one of them is the loss of light on the screen layer. The previous prototype of other manufacturers was characterized by the worse quality of selfie photos, due to the fact that the screen did not let all the light into the sensor.


The second problem is the quality of the screen in the place of translucency. At the end of 2019, it resembled a mosaic.

Time will tell if these (and probably many other) problems can be solved in 2020, to see at the beginning of 2021 a completely new, very futuristic generation of smartphones.

Without notch and islands, but with a camera under the screen. This can be the Samsung Galaxy S21


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