Windows with deeper integration with Samsung phones. Copying data will be easier

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How to copy data between a Windows computer and a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet? Soon it will be much more intuitive thanks to the Your Phone application.

As part of the Windows Insider program, Windows 10 beta testers have received a new test version of the Your Phone system application. This is to hit the production channel - and thus to ordinary users - in a few weeks, if no serious defects are detected during the tests. The biggest novelty is the increase in integration with the applications Samsung My Files and Samsung Gallery, which are part of Android with One UI.

How to copy files from Samsung Galaxy phone to Windows computer - and vice versa? Just drag and drop.

The new version of the Your Phone application allows you to copy files between our devices much easier. Just grab the appropriate icon representing the file and drag it to the right place - as if we were copying files between folders in two open File Explorer windows.

To copy a file from Samsung Galaxy to a computer:

  1. Open the Your Phone application
  2. Select the Phone Screen function, which displays the image from our phone on the computer screen
  3. Open the Gallery or My Files in this view - depending on what you want to copy and how convenient we are.
  4. We select the file to be transferred
  5. We drag it with the mouse or finger to the open File Explorer window on our computer

To copy a file from your computer to Samsung Galaxy:

  1. Just drag the file to the Your Phone application window with the Phone Screen function selected. The files will appear in the Downloads folder on your phone.

Some restrictions apply. You can copy up to 100 files at a time and the size of a single file cannot exceed 512 MB.

Will this feature go to other Android phones?

Good question. The Your Phone application works with all Android phones, allowing you to send and receive SMSs and MMSs from your computer and make and receive voice calls. In addition, the application integrates the Android Notification Center and the Windows Action Center - synchronizing notifications between our devices.

However, the Phone Screen feature for now in the production channel only supports Android devices with One UI - and therefore only Samsung equipment. As Microsoft explains, some features require collaboration from the phone manufacturer. Clearly, at the moment, no other manufacturer with Microsoft wants to cooperate. It's a pity.

Windows with deeper integration with Samsung phones. Copying data will be easier


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