WHO threatened playing yesterday, today encourages: play video games for your own good

Console sales shot off . The World Health Organization recommends playing at home. Candy Animal Crossing breaks sales records. In our lives there has never been a better time to play, let's take advantage of it.

Further news about coronavirus can eat the hair on your head. Over the next few days - and probably this evening - the total number of infected will exceed one million. The number of deaths will exceed 50,000 during this time. In the United States, more than 1,000 people die every day on COVID-19, while slightly less in Italy and Spain. On top of all this is the specter of the unimaginable economic crisis that is yet to come.

This data is terrifying, especially if we hear it constantly. And this often happens, especially when sitting at home, we have a television with an information channel turned on somewhere in the background.

Under these conditions, WHO recommends: play video games. For my own good.

Not long ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) was criticized by players from around the world. In 2019, WHO included video game addiction in the classification of diseases and health problems . Of course, games can be addictive - and what can not? - but opponents of the game got a new, powerful argument. The discussion about the harmfulness of playing as such has resumed.

And video games are not stimulants. It's a form of entertainment, the same as watching a series, a movie, or reading a book. Like everything else, they can be addictive and lead to illness, can be a waste of time, but they can also develop and calm broken nerves.

And this last point made WHO recommend video games in the current situation.

In crazy times, games are a remedy for not going crazy.

Isolation order favors switching on the console. Or buying a new one, which can be seen in the sales statistics, which Maciek Gajewski recently wrote :

According to data from the week 16-22 March, sales of game consoles recorded a gigantic, 155% increase. Only in those seven days Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sold a total of over 259 thousand. PlayStation, Xbox and Switch devices.

What's more, the largest increase in console sales is recorded in countries that have been heavily affected by coronavirls.

On the Italian market, console sales increased 84% in the first week of quarantine. On the Spanish market, sellers recorded a 66.1% increase at the same time, while on the French market 140.6%. However, the record holders are Great Britain and Australia, where there were 250 and 285.6% increases respectively.

All this happens just before the premiere of the new generation of consoles, i.e. in a period that would normally mean the lowest sales.

Great triumphs shine game in which you can not lose and in which you do not compete with anyone.

I am talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons , which debuted on March 20 and immediately became one of the biggest hits of the Nintendo Switch console. We don't know the full sales data yet, but the residual data are impressive. In Japan alone, 1.88 million copies were sold over the weekend after the premiere of the game, and we are talking only about box distribution. Together with the digital versions, sales are much higher.

And we are talking about a relatively simple game, with candy graphics, consisting mainly of building and arranging the house, simple gardening activities and generally: resting. No rivalry, no chance of losing.

Game developers are joining forces to encourage people to stay at home and turn on games. The #PlayApartTogether initiative was created, which brings together 18 gaming-related companies, including producers and publishers (Activision Blizzard), as well as streaming platforms (Twitch).

Never before could playing video games really save the world. Let's take advantage of this. Instead of stressing out on a walk, we can grab the console with our hands with impunity. We cannot save the economy in this way, but we can flatten the infection increase curve.

WHO threatened playing yesterday, today encourages: play video games for your own good


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