We will not go with bags. We know the Polish release date and the price of the LEGO Super Mario set

The LEGO Super Mario starter set with the figure of the main character of Nintendo games will appear in Poland on August 1, 2020. The box will be available for PLN 249.

LEGO Super Mario is a new series of blocks created in cooperation with Nintendo. The global premiere of the starter kit is scheduled for August 1, 2020. Exactly at the same time, LEGO Super Mario will debut in Poland. People who want to secure a product on the day of release will be able to place pre-orders in popular online stores.

The LEGO Super Mario starter kit has been priced at PLN 249.

It's a very, very decent price. I was afraid that LEGO would want much more for its innovative product. All through an interactive figure with several LED panels (eyes, lips, abdomen), which reacts in real time to changes in the environment. The color sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer allow square Mario to estimate the position in space. The plumber knows when he is walking on the lava and when he is jumping on the head of the opponent.

The figure's ability to recognize variable elements means that Mario can experience adventures on the block track just as he does in video games. The hero collects coins, fights enemies and avoids chasms and traps. His goal is to reach the flag at the other end of the self-built track. For me a revelation.

The starter kit will consist of 231 elements and 7 interactive sections.

Among the interactive elements we find, among others opponents of Bowser Jr. and the Goomba mushroom, as well as the characteristic square with a question mark. The number of attractions may not knock you down, but we must take into account that the heart of the starter set is the interactive Mario figure (batteries must be purchased separately). At the price of PLN 249, it is quite difficult to accuse the manufacturer of being too restrained in adding blocks.

At the same time, LEGO boasted two expansion sets that will appear after the premiere of LEGO Super Mario. The first is a mobile trap with two voracious plants. The second is the impressive Bowser Castle, which is Mario's main opponent. I admit that I would happily arrange this castle myself. As part of the obstacle course, it must look very impressive.

LEGO Super Mario will debut in Poland on August 1, 2020. The initial set with the figure will cost PLN 249. Luigi is still wanted.

We will not go with bags. We know the Polish release date and the price of the LEGO Super Mario set


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