Viomi Launches Its Own Throw-away Sterilizer for Food Purification

After the passage of countless sterilizers by Youpin, Viomi , a brand that is part of the Xiaomi ecological chain, has launched its own food sterilizer and all kinds of objects under crowdfunding.

With a size of 104x75mm and a weight of only 100 grams , this new sterilizer has been specially manufactured for use in our refrigerator , allowing all our food to be free of bacteria and germs.

In addition, it is capable of sterilizing any object that is in its vicinity, having a useful life of up to 120 days . To do this, its base will change color over time until it turns a grayish color, a sign that we will have to change it for a new one.

Viomi launches its own throw-away sterilizer. Xiaomi  News Viomi launches its own throw-away sterilizer. Xiaomi  News Viomi launches its own throw-away sterilizer. Xiaomi  News

For its operation, it is enough to press its upper part and it will begin to sterilize the environment along with all the objects and food that are in its vicinity. Its level of effectiveness in sterilizing bacteria, germs and viruses is 99.9% .

Price and availability

Its price is only 59 yuan, about € 7.68 euros to change. Its launch will take place on May 30 , when we will probably see it for sale through the main resellers.

More information at : Youpin

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