Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 is not DSJ. The game is beautiful, but there is no depth of jump - a review

Although manufacturers avoid this term, Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 has been named in the media the spiritual heir to the iconic Deluxe Ski Jump. At first glance, both productions are very similar, but I doubt if the new game will repeat DSJ's success.

Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 appeared on the market a bit too early. The game could use an extra few months, during which developers could give their title more depth, as well as work on details. It's the details that drive me crazy in this game. Small elements that should be corrected or changed before the premiere.

Second round, I fight for first place, but I make a fatal jump. Despite this, the audience is crazy.

Thunderous applause falls on my player when he flew at a distance worthy of a beginner jumper. A moment later, a scoreboard appears. Suddenly, without any animations, raw and ugly. The interface is visually frighteningly simple. At the same time, it is not user friendly. Transitions between successive jumps, records, meters - all this was given in a very unfavorable way. The binding fails.

The entire audio scene also fails. The aforementioned applause, whistling of the air, breaking out - all this sounds artificial and very budget. The music on the main menu is terrible. I think it can be used to torture prisoners in Guantánamo. The song - mechanical applause of the audience - the song - applause. Until the unpleasant shiver went through me.

The most important, however, are the jumps themselves. Unfortunately, they lacked depth.

Even jumping by the more demanding classic style, one element is really important: breaking out of the doorstep. It defines our jump, result and place in the table. Exemplary silhouette, favorable wind - nothing can pull up the jumper unless the stroke is good. This element of the jump dominates and covers the entire game. I have an exemplary breakout? I don't even have to get in my flight. In principle, I have space behind the red line of a construction point.

I understand that in real ski jumping the moment of leaving the threshold is crucial. But Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 is not a simulation of real ski jumping. Just as DSJ wasn't. I miss this flight mechanics, so crucial when playing the iconic Deluxe. I miss the feeling of how the wind affects my flight, my figure and my result.

The pitch mechanics in Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 are flat. Too flat. Due to the lack of depth, the title quickly becomes difficult and bland. Even by organizing home championships, handing over the Nintendo Switch from hand to hand, after a few jumps it got very boring and schematic. In DSJ, each subsequent queue could bring something amazing. Some change. The wind was experienced, the favorite hills were experienced. Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 cannot produce similar emotions.

Graphic design remains the biggest advantage of Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020.

The pixel retro style looks fantastic, although not on all hills. Facilities in Finland and Sweden are a balm for my eyes. Winter Poland or Slovakia are worse. Location designs are surprisingly uneven. However, as a rule, the creators made a very good decision, going into a two-dimensional retro style. Thanks to it, DSJ is associated on the one hand, but on the other it acquires its own unique character.

The unique style of Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 is also highlighted by a story campaign in which Polish producers set their imagination free. Suffice it to write that our adventure with jumping begins even in childhood, jumping on ... a housing estate, concrete K16 by a gray block. The fantasy of the developers reached up to the Moon on which the K300 hill is located. Unfortunately, the earth's gravity is preserved.

Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020: good price, so-so game.

The version of the program for the Nintendo Switch console currently costs PLN 35. Without a doubt a very attractive price, especially for a new title. However, we must be aware that we are talking about simpler, less sophisticated and less emotional production than DSJ. It is a pity, because the potential was huge. Meanwhile, I can't find a single active room for online games or a household member willing to have fun together.

I keep my fingers crossed for the 2021 version and hope that it will offer more complex jump mechanisms.

Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 is not DSJ. The game is beautiful, but there is no depth of jump - a review


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