Today is a year away from Inbox by Gmail. After the Google mail, there is a gap that nobody has filled

Today is a year since Inbox by Gmail has officially ceased operations. The world has gone forward, but I still haven't found an equally good email client.

Google Inbox was a great program and I will never forget it. I used Google's "smart" mailbox in principle since its launch in 2014, and I felt the lack of it very much when Google forced users to switch to Gmail.

Theoretically, Gmail last year offered most of Inbox features, and after updating the appearance even began to resemble it a bit. However, the philosophy of both services is completely different. I wrote this when Google announced the closing of Inbox :

Inbox, however, had a simplicity that Gmail, even with a new look, lacks. Inbox was a box focused on productivity and regularly achieving the status of "inbox zero" - an empty mailbox. The visual layout of the e-mails and the way they were segregated encouraged to clean the inbox to zero every day.

An alternative to Inbox still doesn't exist.

Personally, after closing Inbox, I switched to Gmail , but I can not say that I was overly satisfied with this change.

Gmail compared to Inbox is like an American McMansion next to a Scandinavian-style house. It's ugly. Wordy. It offers a lot of features, but many of them are underdeveloped, such as the label system.

I tried to use the Simplify extension , which significantly beautifies Gmail, but the plug has had so many problems along the way after each Google Chrome browser update that I finally quit.

So it stopped using Gmail in the default view, with the card view activated, for easier segregation of messages of a given type (the function of grouping emails is still foreign to Gmail). Unfortunately, the card view also has its drawbacks - the first 2-3 "messages" in the "community" and "offers" are ads camouflaged as emails.

This is not the most elegant replacement for Inbox, and compared to Inbox by Gmail, Gmail itself is still an overloaded block that is not conducive to maintaining digital hygiene. Gmail even encourages mess.

The problem is ... we have nothing better.

I tried the main Gmail replacements. I bounced off everyone.

As a more or less (un) satisfied owner of Apple devices, I tried the system application

It took me just one day to abandon this idea - Apple's email applications are primitive, feature-poor and simply ugly.

I also use a computer with Windows 10, so the natural order of things was to test the system combination of the Email application and mobile Outlook.

Outlook - what instead of Inbox by Gmail

Here, it was close to me that I would stay longer. Windows Mail is a surprisingly pleasant program to use, and mobile Outlook is not only much nicer than mobile Gmail, it also offers an integrated calendar inside the same application.

There is one function that separates me from "not much missing" to "switched to Outlook and Email": postponing emails. On computers, neither in Mail nor in a large Outlook application this function simply does not exist.

In mobile Outlook, however, almost every time when I try to postpone email, the application asks me to create a folder for postponed messages (no matter how many times I would create this folder). When I lost the postponed message several times, I thanked you.

Small third-party applications, in turn, are out of the question. Such services fall too quickly to entrust them with such an important element of digital life as e-mail. The best example here is the recent death of Newton Mail . The company collapsed first, then was resurrected by Andy Rubin, and only a few months later disappeared again - this time for good - with the closure of the Essential group.

Inbox has left a gap that no one has yet filled.

inbox by gmail

There is no other popular email client that offers a combination of minimalism and functionality like Inbox by Gmail.

However, I still hope that the best Inbox features, and especially its compact appearance, will eventually reach Gmail. Most features are now available. Now we are waiting for the already mentioned labels and for the introduction of grouping of messages, which will soon go to Google's mailbox .

However, I can't regret that Google beat Inbox before all of its features migrated to Gmail. If Google first moved what made Inbox by Gmail unique to Gmail and then beat the application, this text would not have to be created. The problem would not exist, and all Inbox users would simply switch to Gmail without a collision.

However, one year has passed since the final disconnection of Inbox and nearly two years since Google began the service shutdown, and its most important, most interesting possibilities have not yet emigrated to Gmail.

How to live, Google? How to live?

Today is a year away from Inbox by Gmail. After the Google mail, there is a gap that no one has managed to fill


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