This was to be expected. Sales of game consoles increase during the COVID-19 epidemic

coronavirus game consoles

The compulsion to stay at home means that we have to look for new activities. Many of us decide to return to the world of video games and order in online stores PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

The editors have obtained the latest sales data for gaming consoles from 17 global markets. These were not a big surprise to anyone, rather confirming something that many of us guessed. Epidemic is also a time of high demand for video games. And for equipment that lets you play with them.

According to data from the week of March 16-22, gaming console sales recorded a gigantic 155% increase. Only in those seven days Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sold a total of over 259 thousand. PlayStation, Xbox and Switch devices. Apparently, all three consoles are very popular.

Huge demand for game consoles in countries particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic .

It is worth noting that the consoles of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 families will soon be replaced by new generation devices. So this is a period that usually involves lower sales than usual - players prefer to wait with the investment and spend money on newer equipment. However, the need to de-stress and take time seems to be stronger.

On the Italian market, console sales increased 84% in the first week of quarantine. On the Spanish market, sellers recorded a 66.1% increase at the same time, while on the French market 140.6%. However, the record holders are Great Britain and Australia, where there were 250 and 285.6% increases respectively.

Nobody should be surprised. I spend much more time with my Xbox myself.

I just don't have more time to kill - I have been working at home for many years, so not much changes in the performance of my duties with people like me. I even have less free time due to the need to help those in the high risk group of relatives.

However, video games are a great way to divert attention from the prevailing crisis. Stress is not needed, it negatively affects productivity or health. A game console is a good buy, not only in these harder times. Especially since each console offers a multitude of games that should satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

This was to be expected. Sales of game consoles increase during the COVID-19 epidemic


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