This is the curious interior of the Black Shark 3 Pro and its two mechanical triggers

Black Shark has become one of the reference brands in the gaming smartphone market. After launching several high-performance devices, its new Black Shark 3 Pro has been crowned not only as one of the most powerful, but also advanced.

Without going any further, beyond being a simple smartphone equipped with the most powerful hardware components of the moment, the Black Shark 3 Pro integrates various technologies designed in the gaming world such as its two mechanical triggers .

In addition, it integrates a huge screen of no less than 7.1 inches , being cataloged within professional screens thanks to its precise factory setting, offering a crisp and bright colors that do not leave you indifferent.

But what is it like inside?

After the baton of Zack Nelson and after checking its durability and resistance, the JerryRigEverything channel has published a new video that shows us in great detail the curious interior of the Black Shark 3 Pro.

As we can see and away from everything we are used to seeing, the interior of the Black Shark 3 Pro stands out for having quite a reduced hardware . Beyond its camera module, few components are accessible and detachable.

Of course, its cooling plate chaired by two large heatpipes is worthy of admiration. An advanced heat dissipation system that ensures that, offering maximum performance, stable temperatures are maintained throughout each gaming session.

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