They drive around Orlen stations and purchase disinfectant. They add 300 percent prints and flood Allegro

Agile citizen of Poland. And he knows that antibacterial fluid is at a premium today, almost literally. Therefore, we should not be overly surprised that offers with prices many times higher than - in theory - market ones have already appeared on Allegro.

Certainly you do not need to remind anyone here that frequent and conscientious washing of hands every time we leave our place of residence is a necessity and a basis to fight the devastating epidemic of coronavirus . The very use of soap changes a lot, but it's best to use an antibacterial hand sanitizer. This, of course, creates unforeseen and gigantic demand for such a product.

One of the companies that decided to meet the challenge is Orlen. Agile Poles take advantage of this.

As announced by Prime Minister Morawiecki, Orlen launched the production of antibacterial fluid , which is sold at the stations of the Polish oil giant. The price is as affordable as possible: 60 PLN for 5 liters, 15 PLN for 1 liter or 55 PLN for 4 liters. Orlen explained that the price could not be lower due to the increase in the prices of its ingredients.

We are not sure if Orlen will keep up with supply. Our readers, however, drew our attention to the increasingly frequent appearance of Orlen fluid on Allegro. It seems that some have decided to buy the fluid in reserve and then offer it at a much higher price. Since the offer is maintained, it should be guessed that there is no shortage of volunteers. Although the prices are incomparably higher than those set by Orlen.

orlen hand sanitizer price

Here, the seller wishes PLN 40 per liter.

orlen hand sanitizer price

Not much less here.

orlen hand sanitizer price

And here PLN 120 for four liters.

We have also heard that some stations operate a reservation system for regular customers - they can count on the constant availability of fluid from the back office . We were unable to confirm this information.

Orlen reacts whenever possible. However, it is not able to block the entire second-hand turn of the antibacterial fluid.

It is not difficult to track subsequent cases. I must admit that each time they meet with a definite reaction of Orlen. And both in cases of ordinary cunning and mistakes of Orlen partners.

Please remember that many people try to use the current crisis for their own purposes. Let's be vigilant and check carefully the prices of individual products. Orlen antibacterial fluid can be bought much cheaper than the quoted offers. In addition, remember that such a liquid can be created at home using the ingredients available in stores - its production is not difficult or expensive.

They drive around Orlen stations and purchase disinfectant. They add 300 percent prints and flood Allegro


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