These are the two most counterfeited Xiaomi smartphones according to AnTuTu

In addition to its characteristic performance ranking , AnTuTu usually surprises us from time to time with curious listings. On this occasion, the famous bencharmks platform brings us the 5 most counterfeited smartphones and among which is a Xiaomi device.

The clones of smartphones are not a novelty, devices with an appearance that is practically identical to the original terminal but that generally has much more limited features inside.

In view of this, AnTuTu has produced a TOP 10 of the most counterfeited smartphones on the market, curiously based on the benchmakrs of these devices themselves, which also called the original terminal and recorded different hardware .

These are the two most counterfeited Xiaomi smartphones according to AnTuTu. Xiaomi  News

As we can see, the most counterfeit smartphone registered to date has been the Samsung W2019 , a shell- shaped device that debuted in 2018. This is followed by the iPhone X , its previous generation, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone XS in fourth position .

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi Max 3 among the most counterfeited

Finally, to our surprise in fifth position, we find the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 , a smartphone that debuted in the summer of 2018 as the smartphone with the largest screen size from Xiaomi and that was combined with a Snapdragon 636 and a large 5,500mAh battery. .

In addition, if we go into the list we can see how in ninth position we find the Xiaomi Mi 9 , a terminal with no more than a year, which despite this continues to falsify to a large extent.

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Undoubtedly, a curious list above all, which places Xiaomi together with Samsung and Apple as the most counterfeit brands on the market. Without going any further, I still remember those beginnings when buying an original Xiaomi smartphone or gadgets was more difficult than falling into an identical design clone.

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