The Xiaomi Mi Box S begins to receive Android 9 in a stable version

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is probably one of the most recommended TV Boxes on the market thanks to its great quality / price ratio. And it is that for just over 50 euros we can turn our television into a complete entertainment center that also now has Android 9.

Apparently, Xiaomi has finally begun to deploy Android 9 for its Mi Box S, a highly anticipated update that, in addition to being a fully stable version , brings with it certain improvements and bug fixes.

In detail, this new update occupies a total of 624.1MB and adds certain improvements, correcting various aspects that Mi Box S users have been suffering for some time:

  • Solution to the various problems that did not allow Chromecast to be used correctly.
  • H264 decoding fix.
  • Correction of problems related to HDMI compatibility and Bluetooth synchronization.
  • Solution to the various problems that prevented the proper functioning of GBoard after connecting an external keyboard.

In summary, a new update that in principle solves a large part of the problems that we were currently encountering in the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S begins to receive Android 9 in a Stable version. Xiaomi  News

Still, for my part I will continue to test to see if it has really been corrected everything promised and the system functionality with stability.

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