The unexpected effect of the epidemic: a senior-friendly internet was created

Allegro and x-kom urge seniors to shop securely online and, to help them, introduce new solutions.

Seniors should now take care of themselves and limit leaving home as much as possible. Sometimes, however, you have to go out, if only to do shopping. Allegro and x-kom have announced their solutions to help seniors deal with online.

Allegro introduces telephone purchases

Allegro assumes that seniors prefer contact with a real person rather than a bot and phone support over writing messages, therefore, to help seniors make online purchases, the company opens a special hotline. Everyone who calls 616 271 777 between 8:00 and 20:00 will get the help of a nice consultant who will become his private navigator on the sea of ​​auction offers. The consultants will explain how to use filters, how to choose the right delivery, how to pay for everything, and if the senior wishes, they will also help set up an account on Allegro.

In the current situation, an online channel is the easiest, safest and most convenient way to shop. This is especially important when avoiding crowded places is key to keeping us all healthy. We take additional steps to help seniors discover online shopping thanks to the personalized help of our advisors in real time - says Jakub Kłoczewiak, Customer Experience Director at Allegro.

A senior who wants to use the platform will have to have an email address and access to a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet.

X-com starts with a special page for seniors

X-kom approached the matter from a slightly different angle. On the one hand, the company also opened its special helpline for seniors under the number 34 377 00 93, on the other, it also prepared a special simplified and stripped down version of its site , which is to be adapted to the needs of seniors. And instead of the usual categories that are usually used in electronics stores, the elderly person will see products sorted into those that are useful when spending time at home (e.g. reader, tablet, turntable), useful for contacting loved ones (keyboard, smartphone) , laptop), recommended for cleaning and cooking (vacuum cleaner, blender, shaver) and as a gift for the youngest (blocks, board games, singing dolls).

Sometimes I had the impression that electronics stores treat seniors like people with two left hands. Reliable and detailed equipment descriptions is of course an important issue in our industry, but older people most often did not understand the differences between DDRs, snapdragons, RTXs or amoleds. That is why we have prepared a special page where similar dilemmas disappear - says Jakub Biel, communication manager at x-com.

However, because these RAMs, snapdragons and other amoledia are important, on the pages of individual products all technical information can still be found. If the senior doesn't like the purchased goods, he can return it within 15 days.

The unexpected effect of the epidemic: a senior-friendly internet was created


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