The Swedes did not stay at home. Their plan to fight the COVID-19 pandemic may not work out

Sweden has used the most liberal model of fighting the coronavirus pandemic in Europe. The Swedes did not stay at home, kindergartens, schools and colleges function normally there, which means that the number of deaths caused by coronavirus has already exceeded 1,000.

Almost 12 thousand infected and over 1.2 thousand deaths from coronavirus. This is current data from Sweden, which in comparison to statistics from Norway (6740/145) and Finland (3237/72) look quite disturbing.

At least disturbingly enough, that an increasing number of Swedish scientists are appealing to the government to introduce more restrictions in relation to the prevailing pandemic.

Specifically, we are talking about an appeal by 22 scientists that was published in the Dagens-Nyheter newspaper:

- When officials lack the talent to predict or limit the epidemic, then democratic elected politicians should intervene with quick and radical measures - we can read in the appeal .

Experts urge the Swedish government to change the liberal strategy of giving good advice to citizens as soon as possible and instead introduce hard-enforced bans instead. It's about for closing schools and universities and limiting civil liberties regarding movement.

Critics of the current government strategy also point out to the Public Health Office that it has stated several times that the spread of the virus in Sweden has stabilized or even decreased, which turned out to be untrue.

The Swedish government says the current strategy is working

Admittedly, the rulers have already reflected on several issues: from March 30 in Sweden there is a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, and on April 1 a ban on visiting nursing homes for the elderly was introduced.

Anders Tegnell of the Public Health Office, considered the main author of the current Swedish strategy, explains that the high number of deaths is directly caused by the spread of coronavirus in nursing homes for the elderly. Hence, unfavorable statistics for Sweden.

- Among patients we note over-representation of people born in Somalia, Iraq and Syria, which requires further analysis. In contrast, the spread of coronavirus in nursing homes for the elderly is a direct cause of higher deaths than in neighboring countries, "says Tegnell.

The official also notes that in Belgium, whose authorities have introduced the restrictions proposed in the appeal published in Dagens-Nyheter, statistics on deaths among older people look very similar to data from Sweden.

Who's right?

A credible and well-argued answer to this question can probably be given after the pandemic ends. At present, we are dealing with a development situation, which means that instead of creating long-term strategies, countries simply seem to respond as best as they can to changes in the rate of spread of the virus.

It is possible, for example, that countries in which very wide restrictions have now been introduced for many areas of citizens' lives will have to give up before scientists develop an effective vaccine. Then these flattened disease curves will shoot up and Sweden will quickly align statistics with its neighbors.

It is also possible that until the rules on distance and quarantine are repealed, the world of science will create effective therapy based on existing drugs.

For now, however, both options can be considered just as risky, for only two different reasons: Sweden is risking the lives of its citizens to keep its economic indicators fairly normal. The rest of European countries risk the economy, out of concern for the lives of their citizens. Which option will be better from the perspective after the pandemic? The Swedes say their ...

The Swedes did not stay at home. Their plan to fight the COVID-19 pandemic may not work out


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