The successor to DJI Mavic Air will debut at the end of April

DJI has sent invitations to the premiere of the new drone, which will take place on April 27, 2020. We will see the successor to the great DJI Mavic Air.

DJI sent emails in which he invites to an event that will take place on April 27 at 3:30 Polish time. It will probably be an online conference showing the new product. What? Background graphics leave no illusions.

DJI will show a new drone. Most likely it will be the successor to DJI Mavic Air.

dji mavic air 2

The background graphics show the top surface of the device, four LEDs and two propellers located above the structure. There is no doubt that we are seeing a new drone. The design resembles a car body, has curves and visible creases. The whole looks much more modern than the company's existing drones.

What drone are we talking about? The equipment that has not been refreshed for the longest time is DJI Mavic Air. According to earlier leaks, DJI is to show its successor.

What do we know about the successor to DJI Mavic Air?

dji mavic

The equipment will be on offer between the cheap and light Mavik Mini, and the professional Mavic Pro series. According to earlier leaks, the new drone may be called simply "DJI Mavic". The "Air" segment in the previous model indicated a lower weight, but in the meantime the offer has expanded to include the Mavica Mini, which weighs only 249 g, so the note "Air" makes less sense today.

There are also photos showing the new product. We do not know whether they show the final version of the drone or just a prototype. The drone in the pictures looks like a smaller version of the Mavica Pro, making it less charming than the first Air. To this day, the shape of the first Mavica Air looks sensational and very modern.

dji mavic

A great novelty may be the controller, which is to be thoroughly redesigned. The lump will be larger and the smartphone support arms will disappear from the design. We will probably mount the smartphone or tablet in the upper part of the controller, which looks like a more convenient solution. The existing controllers do not harmonize well with the increasingly thinner smartphone frames, and they cause a huge problem with the iPhone and its Face ID system, because the controller arm covers the smartphone camera.

dji mavic

In addition, it looks like the antennas will be integrated into the controller body, which is much more massive.

What would I wish for a successor to Mavica Air?

First of all, two news. First of all, a larger battery, because Mavic Air does not spoil the flight time, especially when compared to other Mavic drones. Second, use OcuSync 2.0 instead of Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Mavic Air was able to break the preview of the image or the entire connection with the controller in an unexpected moment.

Premiere in less than two weeks. I hope DJI has prepared himself well for her.

The successor to DJI Mavic Air will debut at the end of April


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