The Redmi strap comes with a color display and USB charging

After becoming an independent brand, Redmi Xiaomi has produced a variety of products such as smartphones, IoT devices, routers, and more. The brand has now introduced its first fitness band, the Redmi Band. The product will be available from April 10 in the morning of April 9 in China for 95 yuan ($ 13). The price after this period will be 99 yuan ($ 14).

Redmi has now entered the smart wearable business with the launch of Redmiband. This fitness tracker has a 1.08-inch rectangular color screen. The design of this smart strap is similar to the recently launched Huawei / Honor and Realme straps.

In fact, similar to the competitors mentioned above, it also supports direct USB charging. Redmi claims that with full charge, the battery lasts for 14 days. In terms of tracking, Redmiband comes with support for 5 sports modes and even has an optical heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate during exercise and during the day. It also supports sleep monitoring to help users achieve their sleep goals.

The Redmi strap, as a mid-range strap and also the brand's first fitness tracker, lacks the NFC available at Xiaomi's parent company, the Mi Band 4, for contactless payments. It's a black tracker, but users can choose from four colors: orange, olive green, blue, and black.

Redmi's post was released with a color display and USB charging for the first time at Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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