The Redmi Note 9 series will also feature a new model equipped with 5G

With the arrival of the Redmi Note 9S , the only model that we can currently buy in the Global market, many of us have wondered what will happen to the rest of the models that generally make up the Redmi Note Series.

We refer to the Redmi Note 9S Pro and of course, the smallest of all, the Redmi 9S . Two devices that we know little about at the moment, except for certain characteristics such as that at least one of them will have 5G technology .

This is demonstrated by the latest certification in the 3C unit from China or CCC, where we can see how the Redmi device with model number M2002J9E brings not only 4G connectivity, but also support for 5G networks.

The Redmi Note 9 series will also feature a new model equipped with 5G. Xiaomi  News

Certification of a new Redmi with 5G.

If we recall, this same model was previously seen in other certifying units showing us a 22.5W fast charge battery and the possibility to a large extent that its processor was a MediaTek , probably one of the last MediaTek Dimensions.

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Without further ado, this certification just leaves us even more eager to know what Redmi device is, if it will really be the Redmi Note 9S Pro that many expect or if it will finally be some new Redmi that we do not yet know.

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