The photographic duel with the Galaxy S20 Ultra continues. Challenge 2 is Christmas photography

Last week, we started an unusual challenge - together with Marcin Połowianiuk, we compete in various categories every week, trying to capture the best shot on a given topic.

We take photos with two Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones, and we leave the photo rating to you, the readers. Photos captured during our challenges can be found on the Spider's Web profile on Instagram and on Facebook - be sure to follow these profiles if you want to take part in the fun.

In a week, in a separate entry, we will present the most interesting photos we took during the challenge, as well as the winning shot, chosen by you.

Culinary photography was the first challenge.

An ideal subject for photographing at home, after all, we still have to keep a social distance, so we minimize going outside. You can view the results of the first challenge here:

  • Culinary photography with the Galaxy S20 Ultra lens. The results of the first week of the duel

And as we have just said goodbye to Easter, the theme of the second challenge will be Christmas photography.

Even among non-believers, the Christian celebration of the Resurrection Day for good has become part of the annual calendar. Painting eggs, pouring water and eating sour rye soup in dangerous quantities is a tradition.

This year, for most of us, Christmas was different than all previous holidays. I spent them for the first time in my life without visiting my parents. We did not want to expose them with my wife, so we stayed at home in the company of our cats and dog.

Christmas decorations are a very grateful subject for photos.

While we can cultivate culinary photography every day, so Easter decorations usually come to our homes only once a year. At no other time do we paint eggs, do not decorate apartments with catkins, we do not display decorative baskets to please the eye. This means that during these few special days our apartments look completely different - there are colors and details that we will not see every day.

So it's good to capture this uniqueness in the pictures. Of course, made with a smartphone.

It's amazing how many ways you can approach Easter photography. I already know that Marcin has focused on minimalistic, subdued staff.

Galaxy S20 Ultra duel

Personally, I used Christmas decorations that my wife (a professional photographer) bought for the needs of family mini-sessions. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the mini-sessions did not take place, there was only a whole cardboard of ornaments in eye-catching, motley colors.

Many smartphones, even from the high shelf, have problems with correctly rendering such color-rich scenes. They are usually either too little or too saturated, which can result in unwanted artifacts in subsequent processing.

However, looking at how the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra handles color rendering, I am calm about the results, even treated.

Speaking of processing - just like last week, so on the occasion of the Christmas challenge we will show you exactly how the shot was created. From the process behind the selection of a given frame, through the use of a specific lens in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera, to the final processing.

You can watch our progress on Instagram and Facebook.

We invite you to like Spider's Web profile on Facebook and Instagram , because that's where we will publish our photos, which you will be able to vote for. We will present the winning photo in a week, and in the meantime you can see other frames created during Easter in our social media.

* The material was created in cooperation with Samsung

The photographic duel with the Galaxy S20 Ultra continues. Challenge 2 is Christmas photography


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