The new Google Fit looks lovely. A big update has arrived

Changes are coming in Google Fit. The global lockdown is not the most fortunate moment to update your fitness app, but Google also has the answer.

Maybe I will alienate fitness freaks for myself, for whom everything below Garmin Connect, Stravy, or at least Endomondo are apps for children, but I really like Google Fit.

When I used Watches with Wear OS , it was my main activity tracking program, and although I thanked Watches with some time ago, I really miss Google Fit, and integrate other services with this application whenever possible.

Google Fit has many benefits. The application on the phone records activities in a very transparent way (if we allow it, it also does it automatically, saving even an indicative route). The application on the watch is, surprisingly, the best gym training program I've come across. After a few weeks of learning, watches from Wear OS are able to recognize exercises and repetitions almost without error. This is one of their few advantages.

However, it can not be hidden that visually Google Fit ... somewhat smacks of the mouse. Today it is changing.

The new Google Fit looks lovely

From the visual side, I can describe changes in Google Fit in superlatives. This is how the application looked yesterday:

And this is how it looks today:

Everything is prettier, more ... how to put it? Futuristically elegant.

The strange polygon showing the minutes of activity and "heart points" disappeared, and it was replaced by circles reminiscent of Apple Watch. Circles were already inside the smartphone application, but the watch app and widget continued to display statistics in the form of a polygon.

There is no picture inside the circles, as it was before, but the number of "heart points" and steps taken appears.

As for the minutes of activity - they also disappeared. Google, under the influence of user feedback and recommendations of the World Health Organization, changed the main indicator from minutes to the number of steps taken. Apparently it is a more effective method of measuring activity. Minutes of movement, however, have not disappeared at all - they are not in the central part of the widget, but their number is still on the right below the widget, next to calories and distance traveled.

Speaking of WHO - inside the application there was also space for a widget with the organization's recommendations.

At the first touch you will find there tips on how to deal with a pandemic.

Then the widget turns into a weekly progress bar, displaying both the WHO logo and a shortcut to other organization tips.

The Google Fit watch version has also been updated, but unfortunately I can't install it at the time of writing this article.

Just like the applications on some smartphones - I have already managed to install the new version of Google Fit on the iPhone 11, but the three Android smartphones that I have at hand are not yet able to see the update.
However, it is expected to hit all devices in the coming days.

The new Google Fit looks lovely. A big update has arrived


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