The mask did not help. Emoji 14 in quarantine

There are some constants in this world - after the day comes the night, after the storm calm, the morning always appears too early, and we regularly get new emoji to enrich our digital vocabulary. Now this sacred life cycle will be disturbed.

We jointly minimize social contacts. We go to the store with a measuring tape set rigidly to three meters (an extra meter just to be sure), we avoid groups (those holding power and more) and we slowly forget that meetings also exist in non-zoom reality.

We argue, flirt and conduct in-depth expert discussions about the epidemiological threat via smartphones, laptops or computers even more often than before. The keyboard becomes a communication tool used more often than lips, we paste more emoji into messengers than say words.

And that's why this blow hits us in the heart.

Emoji 14 in quarantine.

The Unicode Consortium, an organization that supervises the release of new emojis, has just announced that it has been postponing the introduction of the 14th version of Unicode standards by six months, and thus introducing a new set of colorful pictures with them.

Optimists may see this as their chance - Unicode is therefore postponing the deadline for submitting proposals for new emoji until September this year. Emoji reported and accepted in this set will not appear on phones until 2022.

However, there is good news for consolation.

Unicode 13 will come out on time and with it all 117 new emojis.

Among them there will be some very practical pictures. Everyone who needs to inform friends about a wedding canceled because of the epidemic will be happy with the emoji of the bride (also in the male version) and the groom (also in the female version). Their interlocutors will be able to acknowledge this by sending a smiley face with a tear dripping from one eye.

It will take us some time before we see new emoji on their devices, because companies must adapt their recommendations to their own stylistic guidelines. It is expected that on smartphones users will appear in the fall.

The mask did not help. Emoji 14 in quarantine


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