The largest aircraft in the world will come to Poland

an-225 broadcast in Warsaw

This coming Tuesday is a real attraction for aviation enthusiasts. The only operating Antonov An-225 - the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world - will land at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Let's stay home The event will be available to watch live.

Such occasions are very rare. April 14 aviation enthusiasts from Warsaw and the surrounding crowds had to go to the best places around spotterskich Chopin Airport, with their cameras to watch for Antonov An-225 Mriya. It is a unique machine for many different reasons.

First of all, due to the fact that this is the only working copy of this miracle of Soviet technology. The construction of the second ... was never completed. The An-225 is the largest aircraft currently used and the heaviest in history. It was created with the intention of carrying Soviet space shuttles. Today it is used to carry very heavy loads.

The opportunity to host such an unusual newcomer is, however, also the reason that we will not be able to see him live. An-225 will bring seven million masks, several hundred thousand overalls and several hundred thousand helmets to support our health service in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic . Because of which there is also the command to stay at home and not leave them without need. Fortunately, this will not be necessary. Chopin Airport will provide us with a nice substitute.

Landing of Antonov An-225 Mrija in Poland. Live broadcast on the Internet.

Chopin Airport has announced that it will provide interested internet users with live coverage of the mighty Antonov landing. It is a truism to note that this is not the same as with their own eyes , but an important part of aviation enthusiasts should be satisfied with such a compromise. And the rest of the people - the one with slightly different interests on a daily basis - will have an unusual opportunity to watch the landing of a vehicle live, which for the lay eye contradicts the laws of physics and the force of gravity.

More details are to appear soon on the official Chopin Airport Twitter profile. We encourage you to follow him.

The largest aircraft in the world will come to Poland


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