The internet parcel will be left untouched

T-Mobile wants to help its clients who use mobile internet to use e-learning platforms. These types of services will not consume the data packet.

Check now: Teachers pretend to be overwhelmed by e-school. Students are full of work. The psychologist looks at it in horror

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole country has switched to distance learning. In combination with remote work, many citizens are extremely burdened with internet connections. People who have access to broadband internet are in a slightly better position, but subscribers using mobile internet with limits must be very careful about data transfer.

Streaming services and digital game providers limit transfers, and operators try in many different ways to support their clients during this difficult period. One of them is to give recipients additional data packages , but this is only ad hoc help. However, there are other ideas on how to relieve students and their parents a little.

The network informs that from today the use of e-learning platforms in T-Mobile will not reduce data packets.

As before, it was possible to purchase, for example, an unlimited transfer when using video on demand services, now students will be able to continue learning via e-learning platforms without reducing their data packages. This applies to people taking part in online classes at over 30 universities in Poland.

The list of universities covered by the unlimited transfer is to increase in the future. The operator announced that he is able to propose a similar solution also at other levels of the education system. T-Mobile emphasizes that:

clients do not have to run, report or confirm anything about being students, PhD students or university employees.

Unlimited transfer within e-learning platforms has already been automatically enabled for everyone. This works in a similar way as in the case of the Home Quarantine application, which was launched by the Ministry of Digitization.

Check now: Teachers pretend to be overwhelmed by e-school. Students are full of work. The psychologist looks at it in horror

The internet package will be left untouched


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