The first rumors of the Xiaomi CC10 Pro appear, the model on which the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 would be based

Despite its high price, its countless discounts and its complete features, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has been quite successful among Xiaomi fans. A terminal that could be renewed shortly according to the latest rumors.

If we remember, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is based on the Xiaomi CC9 Pro launched in China, so its new generation, that is, the Mi Note 11 is probably also based on the CC10 Series that apparently we will meet soon.

This has been confirmed by Xiaomishka, one of the most recognized informants on the network, who ensures that soon we will know the new CC10 series from Xiaomi where we will see a CC10e, CC10 and CC10 Pro, the first of them a possible Xiaomi Mi A4 , the second the Mi 10 Lite that we already know that we already know in part and the last, the new Mi Note 11 .

According to Xiaomishka adds, the new Xiaomi Mi Note 11 would have a Snapdragon 765 processor , accompanied in turn by a screen with a better refresh rate that in this case could reach 120Hz .

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In addition, this new generation designed especially for mobile photography could give rise to the new 144MP photo sensor that has long been rumored in relation to its manufacture by Samsung .

As always, it is only a rumor , so its confirmation is waiting for Xiaomi to reveal some new detail in this regard. Still, since it is Xiaomishka and its extensive experience, we will probably soon meet a new smartphone with part of these characteristics.

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