The first cRPG advertised as dedicated exclusively to PCs and new generation consoles does not knock visually

Another developer decided to use the free advertising offered by the game announcement for the new generation of consoles. Soulborn will debut only on PS5, XSX and PC, in turn material presenting the game in action has been released to the network.

Haven't heard of Soulborn before? Nothing unusual. This is the debut project of the small studio Pixelmad from German Magdeburg. As befits German players, the creators of Soulborn love the Gothic series, including she inspires the upcoming video game. This can be seen in the published material on YouTube.

Malicious say that Gothik inspiration is mainly expressed in wooden animations.

On the fragments with gameplay, the hero of the role-playing game moves, as if his spine was turned into a brush stick. Exaggerated swings of the lower and upper limbs, the effect of levitating a few centimeters above the surface of the earth, a feeling of artificiality and unnaturality - Soulborn scares off the animation in a similar way as Gothic did before. However, while the production of Pyranha Bytes could be forgiven because of the addictive and comprehensive world, so Pixelmad Studios does not have any reduced fare.

Manufacturers boast that Soulborn will be an open world game in which the most important elements are the exploration and development of the hero. The creators give The Witcher (brewing potions) and Zelda (riddles in the dungeons) as other inspirations influencing the creative process. At the same time, developers do not hide their fascination with Nordic mythology, which is also expected to affect their product, especially in terms of the climate and the appearance of the world.

One of the distinguishing features of Soulborn is, for example, the legendary Mjolnir that hits the player's hands. The hammer of the thunder god will have the magical ability to transform into a variety of weapons and even mythical beasts. The idea reminds me of Final Fantasy XV, where the main character also changed the wielded weapon in flight, adapting it to the opponent and the events on the screen. Returning, however, to these unfortunate animations, I doubt that Soulborn will offer gameplay at a similar level to FFXV.

Soulborn will debut at the end of 2021 on PC, PS5 and XSX.

Thus, German production is the first representative of the cRPG genre openly advertised as a game aimed at a new generation of equipment. Which of course does not mean that the title must be groundbreaking in any way. On the contrary: watching fragments of the game, I was not encouraged in any way to wait for the premiere. The program's biggest strength at the moment is the choice of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as target platforms, which gives developers free advertising.

Soulborn is not the first game whose publisher uses the new generation bonus . A few days ago we wrote about Quantum Error - an interactive horror dedicated to the PlayStation 5 console. In turn, the first production advertised as the title for PS5 must be Godfall , which is a combination of cooperative Destiny with sword fighting.

The first cRPG advertised as dedicated exclusively to PCs and next-generation consoles does not visually knock down


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