The company selling user data wants to revolutionize email

The creators of one of the most popular email applications on macOS create a new program. OnMail aims to provide users with unprecedented control over the content of the mailbox and its privacy.

Edison Mail is probably known to many Spider's Web readers. The application constantly occupies the TOP 100 list of the best programs on macOS, it is also very popular on iOS and Android.

If you haven't heard of the app because of its popularity, you might have heard of its unusual business model. Well, Edison Mail is a free program, and at the same time there are no ads in it.

Sounds suspicious? Edison Mail has chosen a specific way of earning - using machine learning, it extracts commercial information (including purchase history) from users' emails and sells anonymized data to third parties.

Edison's business model has aroused much controversy. Despite the fact that theoretically the option of selling data to other companies can be unsubscribed in the application, there were justified voices that the data sold by Edison Mail are not anonymized at all. The Wall Street Journal has also added a brick to the controversy, drawing Edison Mail onto the list of applications whose creators - live, real people - read emails from users using Gmail. Allegedly to improve the quality of auto-corrections and hints.

Regardless of whether to believe Edison's translations or not, the company is certainly not crystal. Meanwhile, the same company is just coming out on the internet podium and announce: we've fixed the email.

OnMail will allow for unprecedented email control.

In an extensive entry on, the developers of the application explain that OnMail is to be the first e-mail client, where the user must agree to receive the e-mail.

Instead of flooding our inbox immediately, messages from subsequent senders will appear first in the form of cards with a preview at the top of the application interface. Only when we block contact will the given sender be able to send us messages. If we block contact, future messages from the given address will immediately fall into spam.

If at some point we stop wanting to receive messages from a given address, we will be able to block it at any time, and unsubscribe from newsletters with one click.

Like Edison, OnMail is also to be free of advertising, although ... it is not known whether, like Edison, it will not sell "anonymized" data to third parties.

Other news that OnMail is to offer to other email clients is intelligent search and convenient search of conversation history with a given person.

We can, for example, enter "attachments from Przemek Pająk from the last week" and the application will display us the results of a search written in natural language.

When we choose a contact from the list, we'll see the history of emails, attachments and photos in one place.

OnMail Edison Mail


Like a blockbuster cinema, OnMail will appear on the screens of our computers this summer. For now, you can sign up for testing the application in early access, which I did. It is not known yet when the testers will be able to look at how OnMail works.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Edison Mail; the application offers nothing more than what standard Gmail or Outlook offers, and it raises legitimate suspicions regarding respect for users' privacy. So I can't say that I would particularly expect the premiere of OnMail. I am not even sure if the world needs this type of e-mail client - blocking incoming messages instead of skilful filtering looks like plague treatment for me.

Nevertheless, it's nice that there are still companies that are trying to reinvent the email. After the death of Inbox by Gmail , no application was born that would fill the gap. OnMail probably won't do it either, but it can do something else - fuel the competition.

As long as the race between service providers continues, there is a chance that we will see something spectacular one day. Even if it's not necessarily OnMail.

The company selling user data wants to revolutionize email


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