The Bluetooth version of the mijia Night 2 was released

Xiaomi first unveiled the mijia 2 Night Lamp in August 2019, as a viable alternative to the 2017 mijia Induction Lamp . The Night 2 Lamp has recently been launched in Xiaomi as the Night Movement Sensitive Lamp 2 in India. One of the products launched at the Xiaomi unveiling conference was the Bluetooth version of the May 2 night lamp.

This product is now included in the list of smart home devices because it can connect to other smart home products through the MIJIA app via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version is priced at 59 yuan ($ 8), which is slightly more expensive than the non-Bluetooth version, which is priced at 49 yuan ($ 6). The product is expected to launch on April 9.

Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, the Bluetooth version of the mijia 2 Night Lamp has the same design and features as the regular version. As a reminder, the device is equipped with a dark magnetic base and a 360-degree rotating hinge. This lamp uses the minimalist design that Xiaomi products are most famous for. In terms of performance, the Bluetooth version of the mijia Night 2 lamp has a brightness of 25 lumens, and the brightness level can be adjusted. This lamp is activated if the motion is detected and switched off after 15 seconds if the motion is not detected again to save energy. The user can also turn off the light at will.

The Bluetooth version of the mijia Night 2 lamp still has a dual human body sensor + light-sensitive, and its sensitivity range is up to 120 degrees. It uses three AA batteries with a combined power of less than 1,500mAh. This battery can last a maximum of 365 days, especially when used in low light.

The Bluetooth version of the mijia Night 2 lamp is now available on the Xiaomi Mall.

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