The best of lessons on TVP

Polish Television took care of preparing the broadcast with recorded lessons. The level of these materials is tragic. The Internet is bursting with laughter at TVP teachers' mistakes.

It is widely known that from day to day nothing good can be prepared, and the lessons broadcast by TVP in recent days are the best example.

In a word of introduction, I will point out that I do not think mathematics teachers do not know the basics of mathematics, and English teachers do not know the rules of punctuation. I am convinced that all the errors below result from the lack of time for any lesson preparation, which is most likely caused by the stress associated with appearing in front of the camera, which in most cases is a new experience for the teacher.

I am all blamed for a brilliant official who, wanting to prove himself in the bosses of the ruling party, said: What? I won't get it in one day? Hold me a tablet.

It is sad that nobody brought him down and did not remind him that everything requires reflection, preparation and checking if it makes sense and legs at all.

None of us was prepared for the coronavirus pandemic and it disturbed our normal functioning. No one in the country would be surprised if a representative of the Ministry of National Education said that the ministry is working intensively and will start teaching lessons on the Internet and television in some time. Any normal person would understand that such a project requires preparation. Students would wait for a while, but eventually they could start with proven learning tools and sensibly prepared lessons on TVP.

Unfortunately, it was rushed. The effects can be seen below.

They have little in common with education, but at least the Polish cabaret school has returned to television.

Let those who have never been at a gas station for lead throw a stone.

Exponentiation is simple. But these cons are already a driving school ...

If we invent an equilateral triangle for a task, then it would be nice to come up with one that can exist ...

Here, however, I have the impression that the lesson was invented by the teacher already on a vision. As Tuwim wrote: WHEELS IN MOTION, COUPLE BUCH!

Do you think it can't get worse? The Abstract train invites you to board.

Diameter and circumference are two mathematical concepts so similar that ... no, this cannot be explained.

If the above lessons tired you, then at the end I invite you to the entertainment program.

Try to guess what's going on after the first five seconds.

But seriously...

One thing puzzles me. Even in such a quickly implemented project a whole team of people is involved: the originator, some consultant from the Ministry of National Education, teachers and many others. There really wasn't a single person among them who would notice the above mistakes? If the teachers ate the stage fright enough that they started talking stupid things (and this may happen, I still have a recording of myself saying something completely different on TV today than I wanted to say), then it was necessary to take a break and record the lesson from the beginning and not compromise.

I am only afraid that what happened on the TVP screen during the lesson is a perfect picture of how crisis management in Poland in all areas of public life looks today. If the anti-crisis shield, assistance for entrepreneurs and security for medical personnel are created in the same way, then we must prepare for really difficult times.

The best of lessons on TVP


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