T-Mobile and Microsoft will help teachers in distance education

Polish mobile operators and companies from the IT segment want to support citizens in the fight against coronavirus. T-Mobile together with Microsoft and the National Cloud Operator will facilitate remote teaching for all schools and universities.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many people started working remotely. Schools and colleges have been deaf and closed, and they will probably remain so until the end of the school and academic year. Pupils and students continue their education at home, but it is a huge challenge for both teaching staff and Internet infrastructure .

Mobile operators, mobile and landline internet providers and many other companies now want to alleviate this difficult time for us. There are also better and better ideas. After reducing the quality of streaming , free gigabyte packages in mobile networks and unlimited transfer for e-learning systems , the next step has come.

T-Mobile will provide free access to the configured remote learning platform for all schools in Poland.

The operator is preparing a new project that will support every teacher and lecturer in conducting classes online. Telekom, together with Microsoft and the National Cloud Operator, noticed "the huge demand of schools, universities and educators for remote teaching tools, specific technical knowledge and scenarios of conducting online classes".

Representatives of these three companies decided to support educational institutions and didactics in several different ways. They are aware that the implementation of platforms such as Offic 365 and Microsoft Teams, and providing teachers and lecturers with the necessary tools for free is still not enough to switch entirely to e-learning throughout the country.

Finally, you need to know how to use it.

Not all teachers were ready to run online-only classes overnight. Some of them lack knowledge, competence and experience. T-Mobile and its partners want to help train teachers and lecturers "in matters of technical support and support of so-called soft competences in the field of technology-based learning. "

The companies jointly launch assistance in the form of activating the remote teaching model, access to tools and substantive training materials for all educational institutions in the country - we can read in the T-Mobile press release

The operator emphasizes that the matura exams are scheduled to take place in a little over a month, so every day of study is now at a premium. The problem is that, as teachers admit, "stimulating student activity during online lessons is definitely the biggest challenge" and the staff face completely new challenges.

Remote learning - how do you go about it?

That is why T-Mobile, Microsoft and the National Cloud Operator want to provide teachers not only with free tools, but also training materials, substantive support and specific examples and application scenarios. To use them, you must complete the form on the website prepared for this purpose .

From there, you can request a free Microsoft Office 365 A1 suite. The form should include the name of the school, its address and website as well as the name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person. After submitting the application, wait for contact from the organizer of the Friendly Remote School campaign.

In the meantime, teachers and lecturers can view the training materials or take online courses to help you use Microsoft Office 365 for Education. In addition, T-Mobile has prepared a guide section, in which the so-called good remote learning practices.

T-Mobile and Microsoft will help teachers in distance education


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