Stop panting in my ear. Keeping 2 m distance exceeded many Poles

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our world upside down. Each exit to the store or pharmacy makes me realize how much we still need to learn. Let's start with the simplest: let's keep 2 m distance.

Mateusz Nowak wrote a few days ago about three shop horsemen of the apocalypse . In one of the discount stores (and under it) he saw people who supposedly put on gloves, seemed to reach for masks, and behaved so that these measures could not protect them from the greatest threat - themselves. I have similar observations myself, and I see many cases every day - to put it mildly - lack of attention to safety during a pandemic.

2 m far exceeded many Poles.

According to new restrictions announced by the government at the end of March, we should keep a distance of 2 meters from other people. Doctors have already encouraged keeping distance in queues or on the street. None of the recommendations is probably more common sense when we have to go out and want to meet life's needs for food and medicine. And probably no other is broken more often.

Being in a shop or pharmacy (I don't go anywhere else) I have encountered the situation that someone is breathing in my ear many times. This is despite the fact that in these places distances have been marked with tapes. Just look at the floor to understand a very simple message. One that should be understandable even to a child.

Does not help. It has not happened to me that I went to a shop or pharmacy without someone hanging over my ear. They were older people, younger people, in the prime of life, women, men, well dressed and worse.

Now, when there can be 3 people in stores for every cash register in it, the problem has moved to retail outlets. This morning, at a discount, I noticed a man who almost violated our intimate distance.

By the way of distance, I must mention one more aspect. Although the need to keep a 2-meter distance even by people who live under one roof is widely laughed at, it seems logical to me. If I understand correctly the intention of the rulers, it is not about measuring the distance between people who spend most of their time together, but to discourage them from walking in pairs. It makes sense.

I still see a packet of young people stuttering aimlessly on the streets.

Let's take another phenomenon on wallpaper. The sight of young people moving in studs is unfortunately still not isolated. Those parents who allow children to leave the house have no restrictions and no prohibition on leaving persons under 18 years of age. It is a pity, because extremely mobile youth is a weak link during a pandemic. While it is difficult to demand responsibility and imagination from teens, they are often lacking in adults - parents.

Even the World Health Organization in the face of a pandemic encourages to play video games . This happens when earlier the same organization warned against playing and put addiction to games on the list of diseases. Console sales are growing and you can feel it almost tangibly. Among my friends, several provided the house with consoles to keep children (and themselves) entertained during this difficult time.

I enjoy the above trend because playing is a great form of rest and a good stepping stone during a pandemic. I break myself playing. I also understand that not every parent can afford to buy a console, but I am convinced that his role is to keep children at home. There is no better way out. Hence, it annoys me very much to see adolescents at a time when people of all ages die of coronavirus.

Okay, now something positive, or how to survive the social quarantine?

It is not my intention to lynch on my countrymen. Despite everything, I try not to hit the moralizing tones, although it is difficult for me. Finally, I will write what my social quarantine looks like to encourage others. We are all in the same wheelchair.

First of all, I talk to people more. Over the phone, video calls on FaceTime, Messenger and WhatsApp. However, I try not to share only gloomy statistics on the number of infected and deaths, but - although I do not like the so-called small talks - share the prose of life with loved ones, friends and acquaintances. What does the struggle of social quarantine look like? During this period, I apologized for talks about - sorry - Marynia's ass, although it came to me with considerable difficulty.

When I'm not working (remotely!), I reach for books (of course in e-books). Together with my wife we ​​watch movies and series on Netfliks and HBO. I play games on iPad and iPhone. I also often hook the midi controller to a tablet to play music. I listen to the last one in excess. Recently, I returned to the great concert of Tomek Lipiński and Tilt recorded in 1996. There is a song on it that gives me special encouragement during the plague. I even made a phone ringtone from the chorus.

Take care in these hard times and remember: it will be beautiful, it will be normal.

Stop panting in my ear. Keeping 2 m distance exceeded many Poles


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