SOMSIAD HELP! Facebook introduces a new feature to Poland

Help Somsiad in Poland. The Community Help function has also entered our country. Thanks to it, it will be easier on Facebook to ask for help or declare it.

There are already many groups on Facebook that connect those who need help with those who enthusiastically reach out their helping hand (with a gloved hand). Now, however, the platform is also introducing its own tool designed to facilitate the organization of neighborly assistance.

Community Help is now in Poland.

At the very top of the new page are two large buttons encouraging you to ask for help or offer it. A bit below is the list of financial collections related to the fight against a pandemic, and only at the very bottom there are ads from other users declaring or asking for help.

Since the project has just started, there is no reason to expect a plethora of offers.

Ads can be filtered, the tool enabling this can be found on the left side of the screen. If we are a young father quarantined in Krakow with an infant, we will set Krak's city and search radius, for example 100 km, as our location. Below we will indicate in the post type that we are interested in offers of help, and in the category of sought support we will leave only articles for babies that we are not able to get in any other way. If we can't find anyone offering help in this way, we can create an ad asking for it ourselves.

To do this, we must first choose whether we can help or offer help, and then in a few words describe our request or offer, we can also add photos to the advertisement (maximum 14). It is important to choose from among the tags suggested by Facebook (help for companies, food, information, transport, etc.) that match our offer - this will help others find it. Finally, you need to declare your approximate location, choose whether you prefer to contact via Messenger or WhatsApp and specify whether our ad should be visible publicly or only displayed to friends (and possibly friends of friends).

You can get to Community Help directly by going to , or by accessing it from the Coronavirus Information Center (COVID-19). In the second case, all you have to do is select a colorful post titled Ask for help or offer it and follow the instructions.

SOMSIAD HELP! Facebook introduces a new feature to Poland


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