So you can easily calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi

Many of you have asked us how to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi , a certainly simple task that in addition to being able to perform on a Xiaomi or Redmi mobile, we can carry out on any Android device .

But, why do we have to calibrate the battery of our Xiaomi? Currently, Android uses a series of algorithms in order to calculate the battery percentage that we have. These, although they are quite reliable, can lead to failure showing a false battery percentage .

Whether it is the mere fact of using fast charging, wireless charging or even charging our Xiaomi mobile phone up to 100% repeatedly, it can affect the system to show us a false percentage of battery and therefore, we have to calibrate the battery of our Xiaomi.

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With this, we do not mean that your smartphone will spoil from one day to the next, simply that it is advisable to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi every so often . Preferably every two to three months.

How to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi

How to calibrate Xiaomi MIUI battery easily. Xiaomi  News

To calibrate the battery of a Xiaomi mobile we must perform the following steps:

  1. Charge the battery of the mobile in full : First of all we must charge 100% of our Xiaomi. It is recommended to wait a few more minutes after it reaches 100%.
  2. Discharge the battery in full : Then we will use our Xiaomi normally until its battery is completely depleted.
  3. Let the mobile stand for a few hours : After having discharged all its battery, it is recommended to let the mobile device rest for a few hours. In this way we will ensure that any residual charge is completely depleted.
  4. Fully charge the mobile : Once these hours have passed, the next step is to fully charge the mobile's battery. For this, it is recommended to do it with the phone turned off or at least in airplane mode.
  5. Turn the phone back on : Finally, we only have to turn on the Xiaomi and use it normally. If you have completed the process by following each step, the battery will be calibrated.

As we see, a fairly simple process that will allow us to calibrate the battery of any Xiaomi mobile with MIUI , as well as any other Android device.

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  1. Good morning sir,
    I am Aman Kumar and I have a device ( Redmi note 9pro max)
    Which device's battery 🔋is not calibrate, which not good for a healthy battery life,
    So my battery draining very fast like a very bad battery backup 😓😭😟😔
    Please do anything, and my phone is also new (almost 5th months).
    Please tell any solution sir, what's I am do? I don't know about it that what's I am do?
    And I vex about to it.
    Please help me 🙏😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

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  2. When you fully charge the phone it should be off (the mode when you click the power button fast it shows only the battery level).

    If you're planning to switch the battery by yourself, consider Nohon batteries, they are legit. Some chinese retailers sell fake batteries as geniouine Xiaomi batteries, even tho they are not. Look into the reviews and the reseller to be more sure.
    And if youre changing the battery to a new one, make sure it's fully discharged, cause if you puncture it and it short circuits you will be shortly introduced with a phone inside a fireball.

    1. Calibration only does correct the battery indicator,for indicating the precise capacity.caliberation does not improve your battery life at all.... If you are getting 5 hr before calibration, you'll likely will get 5hrs after the calibration too...But this time you'll see it coming!But a complete discharge and refill does improve ghost battery draining while screen is off...You should calibrate battery once in 6 months
      to improve battery longevity

  3. Hi

    I have a problem, recently i broke my redmi note 8 pro back and since i'm going to fix it anyway might as well change the battery. I ordered a new battery from a friend and he said it was original but the rated capacity on it reads 3400 mah and everything else seems to be the same( i have seen internet pictures of my phones battery haven open it yet) and i am a little bit worried, is it ok is i just put it in?

  4. Yesterday I bought Xiaomi T11 Pro. I charged it to 100%, the I disconnected the charger and slept at 12:30 AM- woke up at 6:30 AM and the battery usage was 88% even the wireless and the mobile data are disconnected.

    Today, I'm going to try those steps and update the comment if I noticed any difference.

    1. Update:
      I'm happy to post an update as the above steps solved my battery issue!

      1- Charged it to 100%.
      2- Discharged it completely.
      3- Waited for 2 hours and half.
      4- Re-charged it while the phone is turned off.
      5- Turned it on and it work like charm! :D

  5. Hello, I have been using redmi note 7 pro since 2019. After installing MIUI12 battery draining so fast also charging is very slowly. Never reached 100%. Kindly help me to sort out this things.

  6. Hi
    This actually worked.
    Don't trust those shady apps in playstore.

  7. Hello I have redmi note 10 pro i have done process exactly u have said
    But the problem still is not resolving it directly falls from 90 to 1% and stays there for a long time

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  10. my phone mi 11tpro wasnt charging when i restarted it it was on 15% even tho it was 60% charged i have rebooted it 100 times nothing worked

  11. Calibrating a battery is a process that helps ensure accurate reporting of its charge level. To do this, start by charging the battery to its maximum capacity. Once fully charged, allow it to drain completely by using the device until it shuts down. Next, leave the device turned off for a few hours to ensure any residual charge dissipates. Finally, recharge the battery to its maximum capacity without interruption.
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  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. unfortunately I saw this article after replacing the battery. But now after replacing I have problem with correct percentage, so I decide to calibrate it with these following steps. thank you so much.

  15. Hallo daar! Ik heb net jullie website bezocht en vond het artikel "So you can easily calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi" echt informatief. Goedkope website laten maken Het is geweldig om handige tips te vinden zoals deze. Overigens, als jullie ooit op zoek zijn naar een betaalbare website voor jullie bedrijf, kan ik jullie de diensten van [naam van het bedrijf] aanbevelen. Ze leveren uitstekend werk tegen redelijke prijzen. Misschien is het iets om te overwegen! Veel succes met jullie verdere inhoud. Groeten!


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