So you can activate the double tap on MIUI to wake up or turn on the screen of your Xiaomi

Among all the functionalities that we can find in MIUI, today we want to talk about the double tap on the screen . This functionality allows us after activation to wake up the screen of our Xiaomi with a double click on it.

This will avoid having to press the power button or having to position our finger on the fingerprint recognition area. An extremely useful utility, which can also be used in case the power button stops working.

In this way, the functionality " Double tap on the screen to wake up " will allow us to turn on or off the screen of our mobile in a quick and simple way by just doing a double tap on your XIaomi.i

How to activate the double tap to wake up the screen of a Xiaomi mobile

how to activate double tap xiaomi screen, turn on and off. Xiaomi  News how to activate double tap xiaomi screen, turn on and off. Xiaomi  News

To activate the double tap functionality on the screen of your Xiaomi we only have to make the following settings:

  • Go to Settings> Lock screen
  • Activate Double tap on screen to wake up

After its activation we will only have to double-click on the off screen of our Xiaomi so that it is activated. The same happens to turn off, if after that we press twice again, it will turn off.

Without a doubt, activating or waking up the screen of our Xiaomi with a double press or double touch becomes a quite useful functionality that also joins the many that MIUI allows us.

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  1. the double tap in MIUI 12 to wake up on the screen not work

  2. Do a tutorial video for redmi users on double tap activation for on/off screen.
    Note 10 Pro only double tap on screen is working

  3. Make a tutorial video on double tap activation on/off screen. Double tap Off screen is not working .Double tap on screen working on redmi note 10/pro.
    Waiting for your response. Thnx

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  24. Open the "Settings" app on your Xiaomi phone.

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    Find the "Double-tap screen to wake" or a similar option and toggle the switch to enable it.

    Keep in mind that the location of these settings might vary slightly depending on the MIUI version and the specific model of your Xiaomi phone. If you're having trouble finding the double-tap to wake feature, you can also try searching for it in the Settings app using the search bar.
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