Smartphone with 192 MP camera could be launched next month

The megapixel war has flared up again on smartphones. The manufacturers have installed 48 MP, 64 MP and now even 108 MP cameras in their devices. But you don't seem to be satisfied with that.

Digital Chat Station is now reporting on Weibo that a 192 MP smartphone will be launched. Everything indicates that there will be more information in the next month.

192 MP Smartphone Digital Chat Station
192 MP smartphone digital chat station (Source: Weibo)

The tip generator also points out that the device will be equipped with a Qualcomm SM7250 (Snapdragon 765 series) processor. This suggests that it will not be a flagship that we can expect.

The Snapdragon 765 processors actually support 192 MP cameras. But the SoC only support snapshots, which means that HDR and other gadgets are out of the question for resolution.

So who could be behind this 192 MP smartphone? Probably a Chinese manufacturer. And then you can clearly tap on Xiaomi. Or is there a surprise waiting for us?

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