Shop at home and the store will deliver it to you in an hour. Carrefour begins cooperation with Glovo

While food purchases in online stores end up with several weeks of waiting for delivery, Carrefour will deliver your home shopping ... in an hour. The chain of stores begins cooperation with Glovo.

Soon users of the popular Glovo application will be able to place orders in Carrefour Express stores . After placing an order, shopping will be in their homes in just an hour, all while maintaining the highest hygiene standards and contact-free delivery.

Carrefour begins cooperation with Glovo in 7 cities.

The cooperation covers 58 Carrefour stores in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków and Katowice. The offer will include over 800 products that we can choose from the Glovo application level.

The maximum weight of one order is 9 kg, and the cost of placing the order is just PLN 6.99. Free delivery for new users of the application.

How does Carrefour achieve such express delivery time? In theory, it is supposed to work like this: the customer places an order in the application, and Carrefour Express employees complete selected products. Quoting the official press release "thanks to the knowledge of the store they can do it in a very short time", which really makes sense - employees who break down the goods on the shelves will find the goods much faster than, for example, a courier working for a service shopping in stores and delivering them home .

After completing the order by Carrefour employees and sending an in-app notification, the package is picked up by the Glovo courier to deliver it to the place.

The Glovo application in practice. How does placing the order work?

The offer of Carrefour stores is not available at the time of writing this text, but we can expect that the procedure will resemble placing orders e.g. from the Biedronka chain.

First, we select a product category.

Then we search for the goods we are interested in.

We add the goods to the basket and voila - as long as we are in the range of delivery, we can place an order.

We need fast delivery more than ever.

Just a month ago shopping with delivery was mainly a matter of convenience. Now, when every exit to the store is associated with the potential risk of coronavirus infection or the prospect of standing under the store for several hours, the demand for a delivery shopping offer becomes a much more important quetium.

It is a pity that applications such as Glovo mainly attract young people, while it is the seniors that could help the most.

Affordable cost and short delivery times make shopping at Carrefour Express through Glovo one of the safest options for household chores for those who should stay home during the epidemic.

Shop at home and the store will deliver it to you in an hour. Carrefour begins cooperation with Glovo


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