Scientists have captured the moment when coronavirus infected a healthy cell

Scientists from South America's largest medical research institute have recorded in the pictures the moment when a coronavirus infected a healthy cell.

Researchers from the Foundation Oswaldo Cruza took pictures while studying SARS-CoV-2 virus replication processes.

The device that made it possible to record these amazing photos is a transmission electron microscope that is able to magnify the image up to two million times.

The black dots visible in the pictures below are actually single viruses.

The first photo clearly shows how individual particles of the virus are trying to infect a cell getting inside, where the cell nucleus is located in the cytoplasm, which contains genetic material.

The next photo shows how the virus begins the infection process.

In the third photo you can already see the virus particles inside the cell.

By publishing the above photos, scientists from the Orlando Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) pointed out that the pictures show cells previously isolated from the gray-bellied monkey. These types of cells are very often used in cell cultures used in laboratories for research purposes.

Pictures were published when the number of infected around the world approaches 1.8 million and deaths exceeded 110,000. Scientists from around the world are trying to understand and know the virus as soon as possible so that you can quickly develop a vaccine and drugs that will allow us to put an end to a world-raging pandemic.

Scientists have captured the moment when coronavirus infected a healthy cell


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