Samsung Galaxy S20 series: First rumors about the successor

First rumors about the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S20 have surfaced . Time will then show how serious these are to be taken. Because the release is almost a year away.

Although Samsung is currently working at full speed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 , the 2021 flagship is already in the early stages of discovery.

And of course you can spin around a bit, at the end it has to be shown what you can then take over from it. Design, technical feasibility and of course the costs are decisive.

One of the first rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S20 is that the model should get a front camera under the display. Many manufacturers are experimenting with it, but no one has yet made it to series production.

And Samsung also has a hard time with it, such as Oppo and Xiaomi. There are just too many problems right now. But maybe these will be solved by next year ?!

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