Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & One UI 2.1 - is there anything left?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 get the One UI 2.1 update or not. Recently it was said no , but now something seems to be going on.

There were several different signals from the moderators in Samsung's official forums in South Korea, which has caused confusion about the update. A moderator's last update on the forums suggests that there is still a possibility that One UI 2.1 will be released for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

A notification was sent via the Samsung Members app in South Korea two weeks ago, suggesting that there are currently no plans to roll out One UI 2.1 into the Galaxy Note 9. The same naturally also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

A presenter from the software team now has to note that they are still trying to figure out which functions can be added to One UI 2.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Note. 9

One UI 2.1 brings some of the Galaxy S20's best camera features like single take, night hyperlapse, pro mode for video, etc. to smartphones, and the team is working to find out if optimal performance for these functions can be guaranteed on the Note 9 .

The moderator further adds that this review process will take time, so it might take a while before we know for sure whether One UI 2.1 will ever be released for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And adds that the team will do their best to provide a stable software experience on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Even if this does not of course confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 One UI 2.1 update will come, at least there is hope.

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