Report confirms: Google uses its own processors for smartphones & Chromebooks

Already at Easter there was a first report that Google and Samsung are said to have teamed up to develop and build processors for the pixel smartphones.

Now there is further evidence of close cooperation. Even much narrower than expected. Google is working on its own processors for its smartphones, in close cooperation with Samsung. Significant progress has been made and the first test samples are said to have been sent from Samsung to Google.

The processors are manufactured using the 5 nm process. Particular attention is said to have been paid to "always-on" features and the extremely fast processing of Google Assistant commands.

Internally, the processor should listen to the code name "Whitechapel". Since test samples are now only available, it will probably not be something until 2021 with its own Google processor.

But then Google should go the same way as Apple, a perfect symbiosis of hardware and software.

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